PowerApps, Flow and Managed Metadata fields–part 1

Posted by Paul Culmsee

One (current) issue affecting both PowerApps and Flow is that neither support Managed Metadata Columns properly. I have a method to get around this issue, but it will take more than one post to explain. Lately I have refrained from writing epic multi-part posts because things change quickly. In fact this issue will likely go away by the end of 2017.

Now let’s get to work. To illustrate the managed metadata issue we currently have to contend with, consider the list below that tracks the most business critical task ever – where the best coffee is near the office…


The beans column is actually a managed metadata column, linked to the following term set which has a list of locations and coffee beans from that location. As you can see above, each café sells a certain type of coffee bean…


Now that we all understand the vital importance of the data contained in this list, it is obvious that we need an app for it so that our workforce can have locations of the best coffee at their fingertips. So let’s quickly examine the degree to which PowerApps is able to handle this list. I created a blank app and connected it to the above list. I then tested with a gallery, data table, display form and edit form. Here are the results below…

Topics: SharePoint, Azure, PowerApps, Flow, Active Directory, WebServices, Apps Model

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