SP Marketplace Releases SP Marketing Portal for Office 365

Posted by SPTechCon Newswire

SP Marketplace (www.spmarketplace.com), the leader in Office 365 and SharePoint business portals and applications, has released SP Marketing Portal, a next generation business solution that allows marketing staff to manage the entire marketing department from a single portal. Whether tracking marketing plans, social media, campaigns, collateral, marketing services requests, administrative management, or website changes and SEO, SP Marketing Portal provides a central point for management, collaboration, resources, and services on Office 365 and SharePoint.

More than just a marketing automation tool

Traditionally, marketing staff uses many separate automation tools that only support one aspect of marketing. But tools alone are not enough. SP Marketing Portal brings all areas of marketing together in a new approach that manages the entire marketing process.

With SP Marketing Portal you can track and manage:

  • Events and campaigns
  • Collateral and resources
  • Social media content and programs
  • Marketing media, images, and templates
  • Website development, changes, and analytics
  • Projects, tasks, and calendars
  • Requests for marketing services

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