The Quad Solution Center now available in the Office Store

Posted by Christina Cardoza on Apr 18, 2017 11:56:21 AM

A new Office 365 add-in wants to provide SharePoint Online and Office 365 app users a single point of entry to manage their business needs and solutions. The Quad Solution Center from H3 Solutions provides an end-to-end request and delivery solution center for the business.

“No more project intake requests lost in elevator conversations or buried in unwatched group inboxes. The Quad provides for easy collaboration as well as concise graphic map of the solution offered. It offers a fast track to business solutions built on (but not limited to ) the Office 365 services such as SharePoint Online, Power BI, PowerApps and more,” according to the solution’s Office Store listing.

According to H3 Solutions, a consulting service and software development company, The Quad Solution Center was built in response to the needs of clients looking to simplify the process of business units working with IT.

The add-in requires SharePoint Server 2016 or SharePoint Online.

“This is the one tool that empowers IT organizations to deliver to their business units the solutions they need. Rich collaboration, fast delivery of highly productive solutions and cost savings enables success all around,” according to the listing.

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