Implementing a SharePoint intranet in large, medium-sized and small organizations: What makes the difference?

The impact of SharePoint - 2016 by AIIM shows that 85% of respondents use SharePoint as their intranet platform and 92% made it their major collaboration tool hosting employees’ workplaces and corporate team sites. All in all, collaboration is the most popular SharePoint duty comparing to document management (80%), records management (47%) or web content management (30%). At the same time, since organizations vary by business domains and sizes, their requirements to SharePoint collaboration and a SharePoint intranet can be absolutely different.

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Whatever you do, do not click here!

It’s still early enough in 2017 that we can talk about new year’s resolutions. I think most of us already put a lot of pressure on ourselves, so I’m keeping my personal resolutions to a minimum. However, I’d like to suggest a resolution for your intranet pages that should not be too difficult and will dramatically help usability of your content pages: Eliminate all instances of “click here.”

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So you think you know SharePoint? Think again!

This past week, Microsoft announced an incredible number of updates and upcoming improvements to SharePoint. Some will be available in the near term and others over the next several months. No matter what you have thought about SharePoint in the past, it’s time to take a look at what is coming, because this is not your father’s SharePoint.

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Collaboration: It’s not about the technology!

As we are on the cusp of the full launch of a new version of SharePoint, I thought I’d share a few observations. Recently, as I’ve been out and about in the community, there have been a few consistent themes I have been hearing (still). These aren’t new, nor do I expect they will go away. The folks at Microsoft and most serious SharePointilists wish they never heard this stuff, but it’s real.

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Yammer and SharePoint: Integration IS possible

Since its acquisition of Yammer, Microsoft has pushed the enterprise social service to businesses and organizations. Yammer is an excellent standalone product, and I get the feeling that Yammer would prefer it that way. In practice, many of the organizations I have worked with prefer an integrated solution that includes both an enterprise social network and an organizational intranet/extranet portal.

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