Microsoft unveils Azure Government Secret to help U.S. agencies handle classified data

More and more government agencies are realizing the benefits of cloud computing, and Microsoft is poised to unveil several new updates to its cloud services for government customers Tuesday at its Government Cloud Forum.

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How Microsoft Teams is Altering Collaboration Strategies

Having worked with different collaboration technologies since the late 1990’s, I’ve been able to work with many of the leading solutions available on the market — from traditional intranets and social collaboration tools, into the more complex (and expensive) product life-cycle management (PLM), product data management (PDM), and supply chain collaboration platforms. What attracted me to the SharePoint space back in 2004 was its potential for extensibility, which led me to working for Microsoft and then some of the leading ISVs within the SharePoint community. Throughout all of this, one of the major issues has remained end user adoption of the technology. Even the most advanced, feature-rich solution that seem to check off all of your corporate requirements can still have adoption issues.

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Microsoft Announces GA of Teams

Microsoft today announced that its chat-based workspace, Teams, is now available to Office 365 business customers.

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Microsoft takes on Slack with Teams

Microsoft officially confirmed today that it is building its own chat and messaging service in-house. Microsoft Teams is a chat-based solution for Office 365.

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Microsoft previews the Common Data Model

Microsoft is releasing a new database solution for businesses to store and manage their business entities. The company unveiled the public preview of the Microsoft Common Data Model (CDM) this week. The Common Data Model is integrated in Microsoft Flow to help users capture new data, and can also be integrated into PowerApps to make creating apps on top of that data easier.

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Microsoft and Xamarin: Bring SharePoint data into your mobile apps

In the midst of some rather exciting announcements a few weeks back at Microsoft Build 2016, there was one announcement in particular that will enable significant strides in the development of mobile applications. During the Day 2 Keynote, Miguel de Icaza announced that Xamarin will now be included in all current flavors of Visual Studio, from Enterprise all of the way down to the freely available Community Edition.

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Microsoft leaving non-Windows customers hanging

I think when companies do good things, they deserve credit for it. When Microsoft embraced the open-source community, I was pleasantly surprised and shared how I'd been feeling about the change in the company. As a MacBook Pro/OS X guy, I shared my mostly positive experience with my new Surface Pro 4. We saw the Office group ship a client to help build Office Add-ins for non-Windows and Visual Studio developers, which was such a cool move for the platform!

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UPDATE: Ignite moved, not killed

In a just-posted blog, Microsoft’s CMO Chris Capossela clarified what will happen with the Ignite conference: It’s not being killed, only moved out of Chicago to a time later in the year.

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SharePoint changes... why?

Microsoft has had some bad company habits when it comes to moving its users (developers, IT pros and information workers) to the new technologies it is developing.

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Reflecting on business intelligence in Microsoft’s world

As we come to the end of the year, it is a good time to reflect on what Microsoft has done with business intelligence in 2014 and how it may impact us in 2015. I am going to address the following four capabilities and comment on how they may affect our 2015:

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