SharePoint, Office 365 dominate Ignite with new functionality, productivity tools

SharePoint and Office 365 took center stage this week at Microsoft’s Ignite conference here in Atlanta, with new features and functionality that move the platform closer to the company’s vision of providing tools that further collaboration and productivity.

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UPDATE: Ignite moved, not killed

In a just-posted blog, Microsoft’s CMO Chris Capossela clarified what will happen with the Ignite conference: It’s not being killed, only moved out of Chicago to a time later in the year.

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Microsoft’s bringing the cloud to you

Microsoft would like every organization to move to the cloud. But realizing that many are not yet ready to move, the company has decided to bring the cloud to you.

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Quiet before the storm: Leading up to Microsoft Ignite

Microsoft has gone through tremendous changes in the last few years. They are a more open and adaptable organization now than they were even six months ago. I applaud all of the effort they have made to make working with them go from vaguely unpleasant to downright enjoyable... most of the time.

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