Microsoft announces Delve mobile apps, enhancements for Office 365

Microsoft is rolling out new Office Delve mobile apps for Android and iOS, along with new features in Office 365 to improve user experience.

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Microsoft debuts Boards for Office Delve

Microsoft today unveiled a new Office Delve feature, which organizes content and documents on easily accessible and shareable “Boards.”

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Reflecting on business intelligence in Microsoft’s world

As we come to the end of the year, it is a good time to reflect on what Microsoft has done with business intelligence in 2014 and how it may impact us in 2015. I am going to address the following four capabilities and comment on how they may affect our 2015:

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Microsoft releases Office 365 Video

Microsoft is rolling out the first release of Office 365 Video to its First Release enterprise customers.

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Office Lens, Delve and a whole lot more

Office Lens.

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Microsoft starts rollout of Delve, Office Graph—first step to hybrid?

Delve, a tool for helping Office 365 users find documents, meetings and more across the suite, is being rolled out to users. This could be a first step toward creating hybrid scenarios for SharePoint on-premises servers and Office 365 clouds.

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Microsoft releases Office Delve for Office 365 customers

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