Ben Curry and Scott Edwards to Lead Governance and Security Talks at SPTechCon in DC

Scott Edwards and Ben Curry were chosen to present during five different sessions alongside 27 other industry leaders at SPTechCon (Nov 12-15) in Washington D.C. 

Topics: SharePoint, SharePoint security, SharePoint governance

Making governance sticky, one team at a time

We all know that SharePoint governance is important: to avoid team site “sprawl,” to ensure that content quality is maintained, to improve search results, to provide a high-quality user experience, and to ensure that content is compliant with legal and records retention policies. In other words, governance is important because without it, you are not likely to achieve your business results. However, implementing governance policies and guidelines can be a big challenge.

Topics: SharePoint governance

Demystifying SharePoint governance and the path to defining your own strategy

Defining a governance strategy for your SharePoint environment doesn’t have to be an exhaustive exercise. However, it should be one where everyone agrees on the purpose of SharePoint, the role it has within enterprise IT, and what SharePoint shouldn’t be. These boundaries are a great place to start.

Topics: SharePoint governance