SharePoint Search: Kick in the Turbocharger

Finding information in your SharePoint environment can be a challenge.

If you use SharePoint for document management, the chances are that you have thousands (and maybe even tens of thousands) of files stored on your intranet. In theory, this kind of system is terrific, because it gives everyone in your organization equal access to any files they might need to do their jobs. With so many files to sort through, though, navigating to the right document at the right time can be mission impossible. Only by ramping up the power and usability of the SharePoint search function can you improve navigation, discoverability, and overall efficiency.

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SharePoint Search: Amp up the Power

If you use SharePoint as a document management solution, then you probably rely on SharePoint search to discover or locate specific files. In a site or library that houses thousands or even tens of thousands of documents, you should be able to use keywords and metadata terms to find the one document you require. Otherwise, your search can easily turn into a hunt for a needle in a haystack.

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A beginner's guide to metadata

One of the most powerful features in SharePoint is metadata. If you’ve ever attended a SharePoint conference or gone through expert-led SharePoint training, you’ve probably heard this term come up a number of times, though it’s likely you walked away confused or wondering exactly how you apply this super tool in an everyday way that would make your life easier.

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Make your everyday SharePoint searches better

Looking to get the most out of your everyday SharePoint searches? Look no further. This infographic covers all you would ever need to know to search as smartly as possible, garnering you the best results you can get. More detailed explanations and the sources for all of the items in this infographic can be found here.

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Steps to create your own SharePoint search application

Search in SharePoint installations is still a pain point for many users. However, what they do not realize is that their ability to find information is not because search is not powerful enough—it is! The information is there; unfortunately, it is presented like the thousands of letters dumped on the judge’s desk in “Miracle on 34th Street”: overwhelming.

Configuring search is a function for power users, not IT. Much is written about SharePoint 2013 search in terms of architecture and infrastructure configuration, and that information typically targets the IT department, where search is implemented. But search is a tool for the business user to configure and provide upkeep. The best analogy I have heard in this regard is from Jeff Fried of BA Insight: Search is like gardening. It takes constant attention and pruning.

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There's no need to be a nerd to use SharePoint



SharePoint expert Benjamin Niaulin sat down at SPTechCon with conference chairman David Rubinstein to discuss search Web parts, why he does what he does, and how he got where he is without knowing how to code!

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Search components and health

In SharePoint 2010, the bulk of search ran under the mssearch.exe process. In SharePoint 2013, the search components are split out and now run under the "Search Host Controller Service." As defined by TechNet, "This service manages the search topology components. The service is automatically started on all servers that run search topology components."

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