Introducing the Dynamic Periodic Table of Office 365

First, I’ve got to say thanks. Since launching the Periodic Table of Office 365back in May 2017—the second-most popular of the infographics I’ve produced, beat out by my Intro to Office 365 Groups, interestingly—it’s been viewed almost 50,000 times across LinkedIn and my blog. It’s been translated into three other languages. It pops up at conferences across the world. And I’ve seen it in many intranets to help with internal Office 365 adoption.

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Working Effectively with Remote Teams Using SharePoint

One of the bigger shifts that have occurred in the modern workplace is the ability for team members to work remotely.

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Teams Won’t Replace Email but It Can Reduce Email Traffic

The Notion that Teams Will Replace Email

Given its progress since its launch in November 2016 and Microsoft’s focus on Teams as the “hubwork for teamwork within Office 365,” Teams should be of interest to any Office 365 tenant. However, the idea voiced by some commentators that Teams will replace email is more debatable. Because so many variables exist, this is a tricky question, including personal preference, the desktop environment, organizational culture, and even the age of a user.

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How Microsoft Teams is Altering Collaboration Strategies

Having worked with different collaboration technologies since the late 1990’s, I’ve been able to work with many of the leading solutions available on the market — from traditional intranets and social collaboration tools, into the more complex (and expensive) product life-cycle management (PLM), product data management (PDM), and supply chain collaboration platforms. What attracted me to the SharePoint space back in 2004 was its potential for extensibility, which led me to working for Microsoft and then some of the leading ISVs within the SharePoint community. Throughout all of this, one of the major issues has remained end user adoption of the technology. Even the most advanced, feature-rich solution that seem to check off all of your corporate requirements can still have adoption issues.

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Microsoft takes on Slack with Teams

Microsoft officially confirmed today that it is building its own chat and messaging service in-house. Microsoft Teams is a chat-based solution for Office 365.

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