How to create a Vacation Request Approval workflow in SharePoint

Vacation Request or PTO (Paid Time Off) is a common type of request in every organization. Hey, we all need vacations from time to time.   While some firms have special software in place to request vacations, for the most part, many rely on the back and forth email. With this post, I would like to explain how you can build a simple Vacation Request Approval workflow in SharePoint. And the best part – it can be done using an out of the box functionality, without a single line of code! To better illustrate the example, I will rely on a recent request from one of my clients, for whom I built the exact functionality I outline below. These were their requirements:

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Site Collections, Sites, Pages, Document Libraries, and Folders – putting it all together

Over the course of the last few years, I published a number of posts explaining the difference between sites and site collections, sites and pages, document libraries and folders. I realize though that without having a big picture, it might be hard to visualize how all these pieces relate to each other. As such, I decided to publish this post, where I bring it all together. I am hoping that information below will help you understand the overall anatomy/architecture of SharePoint and how Site Collections, Sites, Pages, Document Libraries, and Folders associate with each other.

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Microsoft previews the Power BI Web Part for SharePoint

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