You're ready to collaborate... but how?

Sometimes it seems like we’re seeing an onslaught of changes in our SharePoint worlds. That means that sometimes I envy my clients who are still on SharePoint 2007 or 2010. They may not have the latest or greatest features, but at least they know what they have, and it’s predictable.

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SharePoint changes... why?

Microsoft has had some bad company habits when it comes to moving its users (developers, IT pros and information workers) to the new technologies it is developing.

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Yammer and SharePoint: Integration IS possible

Since its acquisition of Yammer, Microsoft has pushed the enterprise social service to businesses and organizations. Yammer is an excellent standalone product, and I get the feeling that Yammer would prefer it that way. In practice, many of the organizations I have worked with prefer an integrated solution that includes both an enterprise social network and an organizational intranet/extranet portal.

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Quiet before the storm: Leading up to Microsoft Ignite

Microsoft has gone through tremendous changes in the last few years. They are a more open and adaptable organization now than they were even six months ago. I applaud all of the effort they have made to make working with them go from vaguely unpleasant to downright enjoyable... most of the time.

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Yammer: SharePoint's social collaboration savior?

Microsoft believes Yammer is good for its SharePoint health. Yammer chats are now synced with OneDrive and SharePoint files.

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Don’t quit your Yammer-ing

A little more than a year and a half ago, I was invited by Joel Oleson to join #spyam, a network of SharePoint people who communicate via Yammer. Let me tell you: If you’re not there, you need to be.

It’s not a place where people wax rhapsodic about the future of SharePoint, or disparage Microsoft for not doing a better job with the software. It’s where folks go to ask intelligent questions and (hopefully) receive intelligent answers. And I’ve found that more often than not, that is exactly what happens...READ MORE

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