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Session Levels   Topic Areas

OVERVIEW: No previous knowledge of the class's subject is required, and the session will be a high-level introduction of the topic.

INTERMEDIATE: These broad technology sessions emphasize capabilities and how things work. As appropriate, the instructor will show examples.

ADVANCED: These sessions teach attendees how to implement a solution. As appropriate, the instructor will include detailed samples.


DEVELOPER ESSENTIALS: These technical classes and workshops are geared to software developers looking to write custom applications, or extend out-of-the-box functionality. Topics include branding, BDC/BCS, Client Object Model, jQuery and more.

IT PRO ESSENTIALS: These technical classes and workshops cover topics specific to setting up and managing SharePoint Server, including permissions, farm architecture, integrations, storage and virtualization, among others.

INFORMATION WORKER ESSENTIALS: These sessions are geared to business users who are looking to SharePoint for document management, search, and reporting, as well as working with lists, libraries and forms. Also, power users looking to create their own simple SharePoint applications or manipulate metadata and content would benefit from these classes.

ARCHITECTURE ESSENTIALS: These classes and workshops are aimed at business, software and IT architects and address topics such as workflow, governance, search, metadata and taxonomy, and content types.

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Sunday, March 3
Full-Day Tutorial
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Building Apps for SharePoint 2013 Inside and Outside of the Firewallstarburst image image

Microsoft has added a new development opportunity for customers to extend SharePoint 2013 sites: the new App Model. This new development model greatly expands the things customers could do with hosted SharePoint sites, such as those in Office 365.

In this full-day tutorial, you will build the different types of apps you can build in SharePoint 2013 (SharePoint-Hosted, Provider-Hosted, Auto-Hosted), and learn the nuances of the different deployment models (on-prem or Office 365), distribution (public/corporate marketplace), and licensing. Throughout the tutorial, you will see advantages and disadvantages of each option, as well as walk away with some valuable tools, tips and tricks!

Level: Intermediate
Topic Area: Developer Essentials, Project Managers
Building Business Solutions: InfoPath & Workflows

Business Processes and forms are everywhere. In your organization, there are always forms to be filled out, and these forms usually entail some type of automation such as a workflow. Microsoft Office InfoPath is a powerful form-creation tool that lets you create highly customized and professional-looking business forms, without writing any code. When you use this product in conjunction with SharePoint and SharePoint Designer, you have all the tools you need to build a no-code automated business solution.

In this all-day tutorial, you will learn everything you need to know about creating a full-blown business process using SharePoint, InfoPath and SharePoint Designer. Some basics will be covered, along with common practices for form-submission approval processes and SharePoint Designer workflows. When you walk away from this tutorial, you will be confident that whatever processes the business throws at you, you will be able to create a solution using the tools and best practices that you learned.

Level: Intermediate
Topic Area: Information Worker Essentials
Business Intelligence: Making the Right Choices

This full-day tutorial is dedicated to the Business Intelligence tools available in and to SharePoint. These tools enable organizations to gain knowledge and value from their data. This tutorial will provide insight to no less than seven tools. These tools range from PerformancePoint to the out-of-the-box chart part.

The tutorial will include practical guidance based on real-world experience, resulting in you understanding the business needs the tools address. Furthermore, you will understand how to evaluate the tools based on real-world scenarios and best practices. The last part of the tutorial will cover the impact of SQL Server 2012 on SharePoint Business Intelligence. The tutorial will cover the following:
  • Understanding the tools available
  • How to evaluate the different tools
  • BI components in detail, such as creating a report in reporting services, utilizing the chart part, composing a dashboard in PerformancePoint, and more
  • Business Intelligence in SQL Server 2012

Level: Intermediate
Topic Area: Information Worker Essentials, IT Pro Essentials
How to Effectively Plan, Manage and Control SharePoint Projectsstarburst image

To help you reach your organizational goals, this unique tutorial will teach you practical techniques that you can apply immediately to your SharePoint projects. You will also receive artifacts and templates, including project schedules, checklists, requirements documents, design documents, and business case documents.

Interact and network with fellow decision-makers, project managers, business analysts, consultants, and those responsible for the implementation of SharePoint at their organization through breakout group activities.

The tutorial also includes hands-on, real-world SharePoint group project implementation challenges to give you the experience and training you need to address your organization’s unique challenges.

By attending this tutorial, you will be able to:
· Identify why SharePoint projects fail
· Initiate executive excitement
· Promote organizational buy-in and foster user adoption
· Develop an effective project-management process
· Apply relevant strategies in mapping business processes to identify SharePoint-based solutions
· Compare and contrast the value of upgrading to SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013
· Identify necessary resources to plan, deploy, maintain and support a SharePoint implementation
· Minimize uncertainty and risk by applying practical scope-management techniques

Attendees of this tutorial will gain 6 PDUs (Professional Development Units) from PMI (Project Management Institute).

Prerequisites: Fundamental knowledge and experience of project management, and familiarity with Windows, Microsoft Office and SharePoint is assumed.

Level: Intermediate
Topic Area: Business Decision Makers, Project Managers
SharePoint 101: Jump-Starting the Developer

Getting started with SharePoint development can be challenging. Since SharePoint is built on top of ASP.NET there are many similarities between ASP.NET and SharePoint development, but there are also many differences. Understanding these differences and how they change the way you build solutions that target the SharePoint platform is one of the keys to becoming an effective SharePoint developer. With this in mind, this full-day tutorial has two goals: To introduce you to the tools, APIs and practices used during SharePoint development; and to highlight the areas where SharePoint and ASP.NET development differ.

Specifically, we will cover the SharePoint platform architecture, the SharePoint developer environment, Visual Studio tools for SharePoint development, SharePoint developer APIs, building custom Web parts, working with SharePoint lists and libraries, and options to access data stored in SharePoint. All of the material covered in this tutorial applies to both SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 development. An understanding of Visual Studio and ASP.NET is required.

Level: Intermediate
Topic Area: Developer Essentials
Half-Day Tutorial
9:00 AM - 12:15 PM

Business-Critical SharePointstarburst image

Platform Strategy. Governance. ECM. Information Architecture. BCSP. BPM. Business Alignment. Usability. ROI. LoB. SoR. SoE. What do these really mean and where do you start? There is so much fear, uncertainty and doubt around these topics that many SharePoint professionals have no idea where to start and simply do nothing. But, when deploying SharePoint, indecision can be the worst decision of all!

Attend this half-day tutorial to see real-world, proven approaches to building a successful business-critical SharePoint platform. You'll learn how process ties to content and how content ties to process. You'll learn how to plan for SoR and LoB integration. Last, you'll learn how to apply governance to your content and processes in a simple and straightforward fashion to ensure compliance and meet SLAs. We'll answer questions such as:
  • What methodology should I use to map processes?
  • Do I design for executives or users?
  • Is "bring your own device" a reasonable requirement with SharePoint?
  • How do I gather actionable requirements?
  • How do I define my platform road map and strategy?
  • How do I define application boundaries?
  • How will I govern my enterprise metadata?
Level: Intermediate
Topic Area: Business Decision Makers
The Restoration Tutorial: A look at the Backup/Restore Capabilities of SharePointstarburst image

The SharePoint platform includes a variety of tools and capabilities that are useful in a wide range of data-protection tasks. Administrators, though, often make the mistake of dismissing these tools as being underpowered or subpar, without actually having used the tools or even understanding their capabilities.

In this hands-on tutorial, we’ll explore the range of backup/restore and export/import capabilities that ship with the SharePoint platform and its partner in crime, SQL Server. We’ll look at how the tools can be used in a variety of common (and some not-so-common) data-protection scenarios. Emphasis will be placed on identifying how the tools can be used to restore damaged components, recover missing or corrupt data, and consolidate/manipulate content. Administrators who attend this tutorial will leave with a solid understanding of the data-protection tool set they already own, as well as how they can put that tool set to use.

Note: If you wish to follow the exercises during the tutorial, please come prepared with the following setup on your computer: http://www.slideshare.net/SPTechConSanFrancisco/the-restoration-tutorial-setup-by-sean-mcdonough-sptechcon-16629796.

Level: Intermediate
Topic Area: IT Pro Essentials
1:45 PM - 5:00 PM

Best Practices for Building a Records-Management Deployment in SharePoint Server 2010starburst image

In this demo-rich tutorial, you will learn how to build a Records-Management deployment from scratch, utilizing the tools that Microsoft has provided in SharePoint Server 2010. This workshop will assume you have knowledge of taxonomies, file plan development, basic compliance knowledge, and general ECM principles. Come and learn how to get Records Management going in your environment!
Demos will include:
  • Installing the Microsoft Managed Metadata Service
  • Configuring the Managed Metadata Service
  • Working with Content Type Syndication
  • Metadata managed at both the MMS layer and the site collection layer.
Critical decision points that will be discussed:
  • Which metadata will need to be input into the SharePoint System so that information is swiftly and easily findable. This discussion takes into account the concepts of precision and recall.
  • Staffing requirements and skill development requirements to build and maintain the records management system in SharePoint
  • Existing decisions that must exist in the environment in order for the SharePoint system to be successfully leveraged in support of organization goals
  • Integrating SharePoint Records Management with existing ECM systems
Level: Advanced
Topic Area: Architecture Essentials, Business Decision Makers, IT Pro Essentials
SharePoint 2013 Admin in the Hybrid Worldstarburst image image

Microsoft's massive investment into cloud technologies is enough to make anyone stop and wonder if the cloud is something they should be focusing on for SharePoint. During this half-day tutorial, we will examine Microsoft's cloud Strategy from an IT pro's perspective, and understand how a hybrid scenario can be structured to maximize the on-premise, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, and cloud capabilities. We will deep-dive into deployment planning and implementation across the hybrid stack. We will also discuss and demonstrate the management of the SharePoint platform across all tiers. Join us on this journey from the ground to the cloud and back again!

Level: Intermediate
Topic Area: Architecture Essentials, IT Pro Essentials

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