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Rave reviews from SPTechCon!
As far as SharePoint conferences go, this is the one to attend.

Joe Gschwandtner
Sr. Application Specialist
Francis Tuttle Technology Center

SPTechCon has lots of information, and great opportunities to network and meet people who share the same passion and headaches that you might be facing.

Mike Killen
Apparatus Maintenance Officer
Manitoba Hydro

I loved SPTechCon!

Valerie Cary
IT Business Analyst
eHealth Technologies

Based on the variety of topics, sessions and coverage, I would highly recommend it.

Matt Engel
SharePoint Developer

Go to SPTechCon for great information on SharePoint.

Doug Johnson
IT Manager
State of Indiana

Worth it!

Eliot Cohen
OPs Analyst
Eze Software Group

Excellent source for training and exposure to vendors.

Vivienne Brown
Portal Content Coordinator
McGuireWoods LLP

SPTechCon offers extremely valuable content.

Matthew Bailey
SharePoint B.A.

Great conference with a wide variety of topics and industry leaders as the speakers.

Brendan Murphy
Sr. SharePoint Specialist
Florida Blue

There is really something for every level of SharePoint user.

Jason Galego
System Administrator
Narragansett Bay Commission

Excellent content. Well run. Great bang for the buck.

Lauren Lamalva
SharePoint Technical Specialist
This is the place to be if you want to know about SharePoint. Not just technical, but business-related information as well.

David Pileggi
Lead Consultant
Portal Solutions
Excellent place to hone your skills and learn about what's coming up in the future. Fran Wolfe
Application Support Manager
Monterey Bay Aquarium 
This is my fourth time attending SPTechCon and I brought coworkers!

Molly McQuaid
IT Project Manager
SPTechCon has something for every SharePointer level.

Pam Kaptain
Internet Content Specialist
Fontana Unified School District
A great place to meet SharePoint people and find out what they are doing.

Bill Judd
Director, Software Development
Alameda County Office of Education
Anyone that deals with SharePoint must come!

George Veney
Stock Building Supply
Go, you WILL learn.

Shan Alpay
Software Developer
Gilead Sciences
I go to conferences to motivate and inspire me and SPTechCon accomplished that.

Christina Fries
Business App Specialist
Cubic Transportation Systems
SPTechCon has lots of excellent real-world knowledge, bonding opportunities and the ability to interface with leaders in the space.

David Miller
Director, IT
Cubic Transportation Systems 
SPTechCon provides highly qualified speakers, a well-balanced message covering the pros and cons of SharePoint, and a friendly format and environment.

Tom Johnson
Sr. Director/Product Manager Life Science Solutions
Exostar LLC 
SPTechCon is a great conference to catch up with the newest trends in SharePoint.

Ruben Moya
SPTechCon offers more content than you'll be able to handle on your own - take a colleague and collaborate!

Sandy Ulrich
Program/Analyst Supervisor
Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Company
Good, informative sessions, especially the longer tutorials.

Mark Collins Sr.
SharePoint Consultant
Kiefer Consulting
At SPTechCon, all the experts get together in one place and present fantastic, current and relevant content.

Keith Budurka
IT Director, Infrastructure
Benco Dental

If your goal is to learn something from a trusted leader in the industry and get an opportunity to network, you must go to SPTechCon.

Brian Perryman
SharePoint Developer
Health South Corporation

SPTechCon covers just about every major SharePoint topic or issue out there. It’s a great way to learn about the latest and greatest.

David Sullivan
Knowledge & Information Manager
Altman Vilandrie & Co.

This is THE conference to attend for SharePoint.

Matt Engel
SharePoint Administrator
Two Men and a Truck International

Great conference. There is something for everyone.

Bob Price
Technical Support Analyst
City of Windsor

Awesome place to meet experts.

Jyoti Sawhney
Directory Administrator
University of Maryland

SPTechCon is a great event and well worth the admission fee.

Chris Kauke
System Consultant

This is a great conference to learn SharePoint.

John Bourdeau
Business Development
ASE Technologies

SPTechCon is a great way to learn things you can apply immediately. It's good for beginners as well as advanced users.

Sue Hanley
Susan Hanley LLC

There were great workshops. And every session I attended left me with concrete applications.

Jeff Smothers
IT Specialist
AgChoice Farm Credit

There's a good balance of tracks and something for knowledge users, as well as admins and developers.

Sheila Staley
The Babcock & Wilcox Company

There's lots of valuable information that covers all aspects of SharePoint. The speakers have many years of experience and some are even book authors.

Diane Barney
IT Analyst
AllSouth Federal Credit Union

If SharePoint is your focus, then SPTechCon is where you should be.

Shannon Gray
Jacksonville Jaguars 

SPTechCon is well organized, well attended and has industry leaders present sessions with very relevant content.

John Wilson
Director of Web Services
Phillips Academy 

Good cross-section of topics. It's definitely worth the money!

Eileen Potter
SharePoint Consultant

Great venue and great speakers.

Matthew McDermott

Great conference!

Beau de Graaf
Software Support Engineer
EMF Broadcasting

Speakers were entertaining and informative.

Ken Miller
Sr. Solution Architect
Husky Energy Inc.

Extremely informative with uniformly high quality of sessions

Rob Sherwood
Director, Security Client Services
Exostar, LLC

Great variety of levels, subjects and teachers

Neil Stone
SharePoint Development

With the amount of great content, especially the day-long pre-conference workshops, it's well worth the price of admission.

Justin Stanley
Systems Integration Manager
The Campbell Group

Attending SPTechCon is a good way to get exposed to a variety of SharePoint topics, constructs and ideas.

Patty Banks
Software Architect
Allin Consulting
Great energy, content, knowledge.

Dennis Nason
Systems Admin
Town of Scarborough, Maine
The technical classes were great. There were excellent instructors and good choice of classes. Wish I could have been in two classes at the same time. Looking into cloning myself before the next conference!

Karen Wassell
Director, IT Architecture
A great conference to learn and network with real-world implementors. All of the speakers have blogs that I follow and spending face-to-face time with them is invaluable.

Steve Tieland
Sr. Software Engineer
Old Mutual US
This is a well run event. The content and speakers are great. Definitely attend all three days.

John Mongell
SharePoint Manager
RSM McGladrey
You'll have the opportunity to be exposed to new technologies and have great interactions with vendors. The conference was run very well.

John Celusak
Desktop Support Specialist
There is something for every level of SharePoint knowledge.

Jason Galego
Sr. Developer/System Admin
Narragansett Bay Commission
It's a great event to attend, whether you are a power user or SharePoint expert.

Jason Goodman
Newtork Admin
Finley & Cook, PLLC
Great place to get a lot of knowledge in a short period of time.

Lola Flippo
Sr. Business Solutions Architect
All levels of SharePoint experience will find something worthwhile, from just thinking about SharePoint as a possible project to advanced SharePoint development.

Sarah Stratton
Corporate Program Manager
Red River
The wealth of knowledgeable resources and networking is fantastic.

Linda Dodge
Technical Consultant
Coastal Consulting, LLC
Content in this conference is for anyone using SharePoint, including techs, programmers, information workers, and SQL admins.

Terry Lovelace
Sr. Programmer Analyst
Integris Health
Great, focused conference with something for devs, admins, and power users. Best place to get new approaches to common SharePoint problems.

Andrew Bell
Newport News Shipbuilding
The speakers are very knowledgeable.

Chris Santini
Principle Application Developer/Analyst
Best SharePoint conference I have attended.

Majid Syed
Project Collaboration Manager
There is something for participants of all levels.

Darcy Tamburri
Specialist, Customer Support Services
It's a fantastic opportunity to learn and connect.

Kim Frehe
Business Systems Specialist
Prepare for three days of fun and lots of learning!

Danny Jessee
Sr. Software Engineer
The best conference
I ever attended.

Antonio Andrade
IT Internet Programmer
Holland & Knight
Great conference, you will make many connections to valuable resources.

Henry Russell
Sr. System Analyst
Harvard University
There is a good variety of classes for all levels and user types.

Sally Blom
Sr. Developer
I've attended many conferences and none, until SPTechCon, have matched my experiences at those conferences. I thought it was THAT good! Go! It's worth your time! You will meet fantastic people and world-class speakers.

Keith Budurka
IT Director, Infrastructure
Benco Dental Company
Great conference, good mix of practical, technical info and more conceptual items.

Julie Slabaugh
Busiess System Analyst
Duke Realty Corporation
I loved the size of the conference. It was very informative and there was lots of time for interaction in the workshops.

Sheri Barrientes
Sr. Business Analyst
Integris Health
SPTechCon is a collaborative and fact-filled conference that is led by the best and brightest of the SharePoint community. It is a "go-to" event because the information and solutions you can learn from here are numerous.

Keri Russo
Business Process Analyst
Neighborhood Health Plan
Great content and speakers.

Dan Stolts
IT Pro Evangelist
SPTechCon is a conference to refresh, learn new things and get inspiration for future SharePoint projects. It's also great for networking with others in the industry.

Bill Howard
SharePoint Administrator
Samaritan's Purse

SPTechCon has high-quality speakers and is a well-organized event. Definitely worth the money.

Joanne Klein
SharePoint Administrator

Come well-rested and be ready to network and learn.

Sandy Milne
Cersys Inc.

Come listen to and meet the Microsoft MVPs that you follow. Network and ask questions to your heart's content.

Steve Tieland
Senior Software Engineer
Old Mutual US

Very good speakers!

Sergei Babchenko
Software Developer

Some of the best SharePoint speakers are here. You can learn a lot of great stuff if you pick the right sessions.

Jill Kaszynski
Principal Consultant
Greystone Solutions

I would love for my IT partners to come to this!

Allison Hall
Intranet Solutions Lead

Lots of vendors with useful ideas to solve problems.

Brian Saper
Saper Systems

Go no matter what your level of exposure to SharePoint. From beginner to expert, you will expand your abilities by participating.

Stephen Flaherty
State Street Bank & Trust

There's tons of useful information, is great for networking, fun and exciting.

Leslie Reid
Manager of Analytics and Projects
OnProcess Technology
SPTechCon has great SharePoint information, good logistics and is planned well.

Omar Alhafidh
Sr. Manager, Enterprise Applications
There's a good variety of classes and unlike some other conferences, there's also a good variety of technical levels.

Makayla Patrick
SharePoint Manager
Whitworth University 
Go West, young man (or woman)! SPTechCon in San Francisco is great!

Eugene Batsuk
PMP= Business Minded Technology Leader
Nashville TN
Great resource for learning about SharePoint and connecting with people with lots of experience.

Jurgen Preugschas
Application Support Engineer
The variety of speakers and topics was great. I learned a lot!

Erin Stroud
Manager Stakeholder Relations
Safety Codes Council
Great environment to network and exchange user experiences.

Bob Titular
Director of Information Systems
Dispatch Transportation
It's rewarding as so many opportunities are available to learn from professionals. The networking is great, too.

Bilikisu Aderinto
Head, Solution Development
Global Infosystems Consulting Ltd.
Come with a colleague or two in order to ensure a greater coverage of sessions.

Eric Cho
Systems Analyst
Connacher Oil and Gas
You will definitely come away with lots of information.

Kanani Banuelos
Web Development Analyst
Consumer Portfolio Services, Inc.
Good educational content.

Mary Houle
Software Manager
Briggs and Morgan 
This was my first time attending and it's one of the best conferences I've been to in a long time! It had lots of great information and the presenters were very knowledgeable in SharePoint.

Victor Jimenez
SharePoint Project Lead
California Department of Water Resources
Great place to be exposed to different approaches for solving a myriad of SharePoint problems.

Ron Cook
Computer Scientist
Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City
What a great conference. Tons of great speakers, opportunities to learn, and network with other SharePoint users. The facilities were also wonderful.

Kim Opalenik
Knowledge Management Specialist
Travelers Insurance

The conference has something for every level of SharePoint user.

Jason Galego
System Admin
Narragansett Bay Commission

SPTechCon has the best speakers!

Richard O'fill
IT Director
ADRA International

Worth the time and money.

Scott Hobson

I learn more from SPTechCon than I do taking a training class.

Kelly Hielscher
System Support
Ozarks Electric

I learned so much throughout the entire conference and you will, too.

Cindy Christopher
Sr. Library Information Specialist
Array Bio Pharma

The conference is a great way to network with others using SharePoint and with vendors. It's also a great place to acquire quick knowledge you can expand on.

Sonia Howard
Systems Architect

SPTechCon is an absolute blast! I'm also really excited to share my new knowledge with my team back at home.

Kathryn Kennedy
Business Analyst
5th Method

Great content and good speakers. There's a lot to learn!

Nathan Loveless
System Analyst
Horizon Bank

Great place to network.

Dave Godlewski
Collaborative Solutions Specialist
EMD Millipore

SPTechCon is great. I broadened my knowledge of what SharePoint is and has to offer

Joe Grosskopf
IS Manager

It's a great experience and networking opportunity.

Syed Rizui
Director of Business Applications

SPTechCon is excellent for all levels.

Gunars Foldats
Sr. Consultant

There is something for everyone.

Darcy Tamburri
Specialist, Customer Support

A good "buffet" of SharePoint sessions.

Jamie Kent
SharePoint Consultant
Sidereal Designs, Inc.

Excellent information, great opportunity to network, excellent speakers

Christel Bridges
Director of IT
Northwestern University, School of Law

SPTechCon is providing the most current and relevant information on SharePoint 2010 topics from very qualified experts in the subject matter.

Kevin Bortz
Programmer Analyst
Blue Cross of Idaho

Great breadth of sessions available in each slot.

Tomas Marvan
Systems Analyst

There is tons to learn, experts to talk one on one to, and the chance to investigate many vendors face to face.

Jason Nethercott
Autodata Solutions

I thoroughly enjoyed this conference. I thought the material covered was really relevant to me and my job. It was highly organized. The hotel was great, and It was so convenient to stay where the conference was held.

Carol Heil
SharePoint Admin
Sally Beauty Company

I would recommend this conference to individuals that want to learn more about SharePoint and how to leverage SharePoint in their organization.

Pete Tetrick
IT Manager
Starkey Laboratories

I would recommend SPTechCon to power business users and devs, as well as other admins. The breadth of what is taught applies to all!

Jessica Martinez-Milligan
Application System Support Analyst
MWH Global

I particularly loved the Women in SharePoint lunch - great networking.

Heather Lewis
Information Architect

The conference was very informative and had good networking opportunities.

Steve Holland
Director, Operational Compliance
Coventry Health Care

It's a great conference that gets the wheels turning.

Kevin Russell
SharePoint Admin
Darden Business School, University of Virginia

It's a very good event to meet other SharePoint users and take advantage of the knowledge passed along from SharePoint experts.

Dean Della Pella
Sr. Support Engineer
Intergraph Corp.

It's a great opportunity to meet others that share a common desire to better understand and implement SharePoint.

Bob Titular
IT Director
Dispatch Transportation

Wonderful conference! It definitely met my SharePoint needs and I will be back next year!

Cathy Sparks
District Clerk
Vallejo Sanitation &
Flood Control District

It's a great way to experience a variety of topics and network with SharePoint experts and colleagues in a short, but effective, time frame.

Joel Sager
Technology Officer
AgChoice Farm Credit

It's the best conference I ever attended. You will meet the best SharePoint experts at SPTechCon.

Boris Velikovich
Sr. Software Engineer
Exostar, LLC

Thanks for the opportunity to grow, learn and connect with a community that I never knew existed! I look forward to the next one!

Matthew Smith
Federal Reserve Bank

SPTechCon San Francisco was incredible - wonderful people, excellent sessions and keynotes, and perfect event organization.

Nadezhda Belousova
Project Manager
EPAM Systems

Great Conference! I learned a TON.

Valerie Storer
Customer Service Support Specialist

I really enjoyed SPTechCon. It was intense, like being in a parallel universe. It's a great place to find answers to problems, issues and concerns; everyone really wants to help!

Bisi Adebesin
Business Analyst
Great variety of classes and
excellent speakers.

Jeremy Watkins
Web Apps Admin
Very informative, great chance to get a good overview of all areas of SharePoint.

Joyce Davenport
Sr. Systems Engineer
Very good conference with highly-trained speakers, and in a great location.

Dan Popovic
Outsourcing Manager
Go if you want to figure out where you are, what you're doing right -- what you're missing -- and where you need to go with SharePoint in your business.

David Gliewe
IT Specialist
US Department of Veterans Affairs
Well worth the time and money.

Terry Chase
VP, IT Senior Manager
Webster Bank
This was the first time I attended the conference and am very happy to have done so. I will be attending future events. The topics and content were excellent and exactly what I was looking for.

April Heimerl
SharePoint Admin
UnitedHealth Group
Awesome. Great sessions.

Tim Ferro
Sr. SharePoint Developer
ICS Nett, Inc.
This is a great place to come and get exposure to SharePoint. Where else can you go to get access to MVPs and authors who are subject matter experts in SharePoint?

Kevin Stone
Lead Software Engineer
Red River
Great place to meet and talk to experts.

Joel Wachman
Regiment Capital Advisers

See what SPTechCon speakers are saying:

As someone who is passionate about SharePoint, it is always a pleasure to be able to share and interact with others who feel the same way. SPTechCon brings together an awesome combination of the best speakers, sponsors and attendees to create an really exciting atmosphere for learning and networking. In addition to a rich and diverse set of sessions and workshops, there are always some great after-hours mixers, special presentations, experts panels, and other events that ensure there is always something to do to fill your schedule.

Chris Beckett
SharePoint Solutions Specialist
SharePoint Bits

I have done multiple sessions at every SPTechCon and hope to continue to teah at them in the future. It is a wonderful conference with a really different feel than other events. As a speaker, it is always great to reach new audiences and I feel like that is what I get every time at SPTechCon.

Shane Young
Senior SharePoint Consultant
SharePoint 911 a Rackspace Company

They say that a good conference can be judged by the quality of the attendees. At SPTechCon it brings some of the best and brightest SharePoint specialists together (I am talking about some of the incredible attendees I have met and spoken with). Not only do you see great sessions and learn new things in structured settings, but you learn an incredible number of tricks and lessons from other people attending who are experiencing the same challenges you are. SPTechCon ensures they have a wide range of topics and content. This is great because many of the people, myself included, who work with SharePoint don’t work in only one domain (IT, Dev, Business etc.) and it’s great to be able to pick and choose the sessions that matter most "now." The quality of the event organization, speakers, attendees, and vendors is wonderful. Every time I go I learn something new that makes the entire trip well worth the time, and make new relationships that help me in my day-to-day work.

Richard Harbridge
Sr. SharePoint Specialist and Architect
Allin Consulting

I enjoy speaking at SPTechCon as it has evolved into one of the premier SharePoint conferences in the world, and the international and local speakers combined with the dynamic technology scene in San Francisco and Boston allow for incredible business and networking opportunities. The new locations are world class and offer many unique events and venues for after-hour networking with partners and clients. The conference is unique in many ways, and the focus on training, not "sessions," is unique. The relaxed environment and community involvement creates a great networking opportunity. Often times you will find speakers and attendees are relaxed, socializing and truly enjoying discussion about technology and business late into the evening.

Paul Swider
Enterprise SharePoint Architect
OnClick Solutions

SPTechCon brings real business users and professionals together to find meaningful solutions to important problems.

Robert Bogue
Thor Projects

SPTechCon offers a very immersive experience – one that allows attendees to eat, breathe, and sleep SharePoint for the duration of the conference. From workshops to classes, to Lightning Talks and social events, there’s always something going on. Anyone looking to "drink from the fire hose" will get great value out of SPTechCon. The venues and locations are always great, and SPTechCon offers so much more than just "a bunch of sessions." Each event provides a wealth of opportunities to connect with attendees, both in sessions and outside of them. I love speaking with attendees during and after my sessions, chatting during the social events, having folks come by in the vendor expo area, and so on. SPTechCon is definitely a favorite of mine! It’s a rare opportunity to get together with so many of my friends in the community. There are numerous opportunities to learn and meet others in the SharePoint space. I love it!

Sean McDonough
Chief SharePoint Evangelist




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