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Choose from about a dozen full-day and half-day SharePoint tutorials to kick-start your SharePoint training experience at SPTechCon. Whether you are new to SharePoint and looking to get a SharePoint 101 learning experience, a SharePoint administrator organizing a migration from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013, or advanced SharePoint developer, there’s a deep-dive tutorial waiting for you at SPTechCon.


OVERVIEW: No previous knowledge of the class's subject is required, and the session will be a high-level introduction of the topic.

INTERMEDIATE: These broad technology sessions emphasize capabilities and how things work. As appropriate, the instructor will show examples.

ADVANCED: These sessions teach attendees how to implement a solution. As appropriate, the instructor will include detailed samples.


DEVELOPER ESSENTIALS: These technical classes and tutorials are geared to software developers looking to write custom applications, or extend out-of-the-box functionality. Topics include the new app model introduced in 2013, branding, BDC/BCS, Client Object Model, jQuery and more.

IT PRO ESSENTIALS: These technical classes and tutorials cover topics specific to setting up and managing SharePoint Server, including permissions, farm architecture, backup and recovery, integrations, storage and virtualization, among others.

INFORMATION WORKER ESSENTIALS: These sessions are geared to business users who are looking to SharePoint for document management, search, and reporting, as well as working with lists, libraries and forms. Also, power users looking to create their own simple SharePoint applications or manipulate metadata and content would benefit from these classes.

ARCHITECTURE ESSENTIALS: These classes and tutorials are aimed at business, software and IT architects and address topics such as workflow, governance, search, metadata and taxonomy, business intelligence and content types.

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Tuesday, April 22
Full-Day Tutorial
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Building Business Solutions: InfoPath & Workflows image

Business Processes and forms are everywhere. In your organization, there are always forms to be filled out, and these forms usually entail some type of automation such as a workflow. Microsoft Office InfoPath is a powerful form-creation tool that lets you create highly customized and professional-looking business forms, without writing any code. When you use this product in conjunction with SharePoint and SharePoint Designer, you have all the tools you need to build a no-code automated business solution.

In this all-day tutorial, you will learn everything you need to know about creating a full-blown business process using SharePoint, InfoPath and SharePoint Designer. Some basics will be covered, along with common practices for form-submission approval processes and SharePoint Designer workflows. When you walk away from this tutorial, you will be confident that whatever processes the business throws at you, you will be able to create a solution using the tools and best practices that you learned.

Level: Intermediate
Audience: Information Worker Essentials
SharePoint 2013 Admin 101starburst image

SharePoint has always provided powerful business-collaboration tools.
With SharePoint 2013, Microsoft has added or enhanced the platform for
social apps, search, business intelligence and more. The administrator needs to cover installation, migration, and optimization for these burgeoning workloads. This full-day tutorial will give experienced IT professionals who are new to SharePoint the knowledge they need to run a new SharePoint 2013 environment.  Key topics include:
  • Installation, configuration and migration
  • Active management, administration and reporting using native tools and PowerShell
  • SQL Administration for the irregular DBA
  • Advanced engineering for next-generation workloads
  • Troubleshooting and optimization

Level: Advanced
Audience: IT Pro Essentials
SharePoint Development 101

Are you looking to get started with SharePoint development, but don't know where to start? In this full-day tutorial, you'll get the jump-start necessary to become a SharePoint developer. The first part of the tutorial will provide a basic understanding of SharePoint architecture and workloads, such as Search and Business Connectivity Services. Once the groundwork is laid, we'll create some solutions using techniques applicable to both SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 using familiar C# and ASP.NET skills.

The second part of the tutorial will focus on the new SharePoint 2013 app model. In this part, you'll learn to create apps that work on-premise and in Office 365. You will leave the tutorial with a good understanding of the fundamental development techniques and options for SharePoint 2010 and 2013.

Prerequisites: C#, ASP.NET, familiarity with SharePoint as a user.

Level: Intermediate
Audience: Developer Essentials
Half-Day Tutorial
9:00 AM - 12:15 PM

Create a Business Solution, Step by Step, with No Managed Code image

No-code solutions were once considered unorthodox, but now are de rigueur. In this tutorial, you will learn how you can devise powerful solutions from beginning to end without deploying any managed code. We’ll take a common business problem, go through rapid design sessions, and figure out how we might build it. Next, we’ll go through an actual solution based on the requirements, and we’ll compare and contrast. Hopefully, we will hit on most of the same high points that we’ve designed into the solution together, but since we won’t know until we get there, all bets are off!

We’ll do the work in SharePoint 2010 so that the solution’s usefulness will be as wide as possible. However, we’ll dip into SharePoint 2013 as well to see how the solution might work there, and discuss how we might approach things differently. Come prepared to roll up your sleeves and participate in this fluid and immersive tutorial!

Level: Intermediate
Audience: Developer Essentials
Getting Everyone Onto the Same Page with Visual Tools and Innovation Gamesstarburst image

SharePoint projects are wickedly complex. Among the reasons: You are dealing with loosely defined big-picture issues like collaboration, information sharing, portal navigation and information organization; and you are trying to define these solutions within the context of the social complexity that exists in all organizations. The result is that you end up with solutions that may satisfy some of your stakeholders, but which leave others disengaged, disenfranchised and disappointed. Getting to success is dependent on reaching a shared understanding, followed by a shared commitment from all of the participants and stakeholders.

We have discovered that visual tools can very quickly allow groups of people to get to shared understanding and commitment. We will share our techniques with you and teach you how to use free or very inexpensive tools that allow you elicit your clients' goals. We then show you to prioritize, map and construct the solution.

We will cover the use of Gamestorming and Innovation Games, which use the concepts of games to get to serious results in a much less painless way than the usual planning and requirements workshops. We will demonstrate the use of mind mapping for navigational design, taxonomy design, prioritization and capturing the thought process of a team via an interactive process.

Level: Advanced
Audience: Architecture Essentials, Business Decision Makers, Project Managers
Speed to the Cloud: Office 365 Hybrid Cloud Planning and Deploymentstarburst image

Office 365. Azure. A1. E2. G3. AWS. Yammer. SkyDrive. SkyDrive Pro. Would you like cloud planning simplified and get some help on planning your cloud future? Are you wondering how you will connect your Office 365 environment to on-premise services? How will moving some of your workloads to Office 365 affect your governance and information architecture? How will you integrate social features and will the cloud or on-premise environment be the authoritative social source?

If these are questions you are asking, or if you simply want to better understand how to plan, design, and deploy a hybrid cloud environment, this tutorial is for you. You’ll be introduced to both the "soft" design points that change in Office 365, such as governance, but you’ll also receive live, in-depth training on integrating Office 365 with an on-premise environment. We’ll do live integration between Azure, AWS, and Office 365 during this workshop!

By attending this tutorial, you will:
  • Learn the best place for workloads, whether on premise or in the cloud.
  • Understand how to modify your information architecture and governance plan to address a hybrid environment.
  • Gain knowledge on the technology behind building an Office 365 and on-premise SharePoint hybrid implementation and how to deploy it.
Level: Advanced
Audience: Business Decision Makers, Developer Essentials, IT Pro Essentials
The Restoration Tutorial: Using SharePoint’s Native Toolset for Data Protection and Recovery

The SharePoint platform includes a variety of tools and capabilities that are useful in a wide range of data-protection tasks. Administrators often make the mistake of dismissing these tools as being underpowered or subpar, though, without actually understanding their capabilities or actually using them. In this tutorial, we’ll explore the range of backup/restore and export/import capabilities that ship with the SharePoint platform and its partner in crime, SQL Server. We’ll look at how the tools can be used in a variety of common (and some not-so-common) data-protection scenarios. Emphasis will be placed on identifying how the tools can be used to restore damaged components, recover missing or corrupt data, and consolidate/manipulate content. Administrators who attend this tutorial will leave with a solid understanding of the data-protection tool set they already own, as well as how they can put that tool set to use.

Level: Intermediate
Audience: IT Pro Essentials
1:45 PM - 5:00 PM

Create an End User Adoption Strategystarburst image

This tutorial will examine end user adoption and how to best achieve it, from the perspective of a work stream on a SharePoint project and the associated roles, responsibilities, deliverables, and tasks for the project plan. We will also review case studies to demonstrate how these differ based on the size of the project and the needs of the organization. We will discuss:
  • A sample project plan and resource descriptions for the End User Adoption/Organizational Change Management work stream.
  • An assessment to determine what organizational culture risk factors are present in your company and strategies for how to mitigate these risks.
  • Avenues for executive and leadership buy-in and how to obtain their endorsement.
  • How to properly identify project stakeholders and gain their support and resources.
  • Types of ongoing SharePoint programs to sustain your deployment through many years and create department level power users.
  • Approaches to end user training and the pros and cons of each approach based on your organizational culture.
  • How to create a communication plan that will sustain project momentum across all levels of the organization.
You will walk away with a SharePoint End User Adoption strategy customized for your unique organization and project, and deliverable templates to begin executing the work stream.

Level: Intermediate
Audience: Architecture Essentials, Business Decision Makers, Project Managers
SCA 101 – Site Collection Administrator Boot Campstarburst image

So, you just became a Site Collection Administrator. What now? Wondering how to set up security? Are your end users asking you to help automate business processes? This tutorial is designed to provide new SCAs and site owners with the skills they need to build, manage and maintain their sites and site collections. Topics covered include:
  • SharePoint Security
  • Managing Users and Groups
  • List and Library Features and Maintenance
  • Out-of-the-Box and Custom Content Types
  • Out-of-the-Box SharePoint Workflows
  • SharePoint Designer Workflows
  • Site Structure
  • Site Templates
  • Governance Concepts
  • And more…
This demo-rich tutorial is designed to provide you with ideas, tips and “how-to” knowledge that you can immediately implement. It assumes no experience in managing sites.

Level: Intermediate
Audience: Information Worker Essentials
The Art and Practice of Information Architecturestarburst image

Information architecture is an elusive thing. You know that finding information is hard in your organization even in the age of search, so how do you combat the flood of meaningless information that seems to be spread everywhere? We've got the answer. In this interactive tutorial, you'll get to understand precisely what information architecture is and what the barriers are to information architecture. You'll learn about the tools inside of SharePoint that allow you to do good information architectures, how to transform organizations to better organizational strategies, and techniques you can use to both develop and validate your information architecture. In this tutorial, you'll learn:
  • The importance of information architecture in today's world.
  • The key skills that are needed for developing an Information architecture.
  • The barriers to changing the information architecture and what you can do about them.
  • Techniques that you can use to develop your information architecture.
  • Techniques to validate the information architecture that you develop
Level: Overview
Audience: Architecture Essentials, IT Pro Essentials
Upgrading from SharePoint 2010 to 2013

Everyone is doing it, so what are you waiting for? The best answer would be that you are waiting to learn all of the fun that goes into an upgrade. Well, if that is the case, then wait no longer. Come to this class to learn about all things upgrade. Topics to be covered are the options you have to upgrade, planning for the process, and looking at the tools Microsoft includes with SharePoint to help along the way.

The good news is this time around there is only one upgrade option to show you for getting the database upgraded, but when it comes to upgrading the UI, it is a brave new world. Visual upgrade is gone and now you have 2010 versus 2013 site collections running in the same 2010 farm. And the transition from a 2010 site collection is now self-service for the site collection administrator--crazy! Come hang out with us as we explore this together.

Level: Intermediate
Audience: IT Pro Essentials



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