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How VisualSP Eliminates Frustration for SharePoint Users

Friday, December 22, 2017

How VisualSP Eliminates Frustration for SharePoint Users


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As CEO of VisualSP, Asif Rehmani understands SharePoint users' frustrations. After all, that's why his company (formerly known as SharePoint videos) exists. VisualSP "empowers, educates, supports, and trains? SharePoint users, so they have a deep understanding of the pain points that SharePoint users most commonly feel. Organizations can empower SharePoint users through VisualSP in the following ways:

  1. by providing access to hundreds of training tutorials available in the Training Center on the company website
  2. by purchasing corporate training video packages that can be added to an organization's learning management system (LMS)

  3. by installing a robust solution called the VisualSP Help System which is a "Help Tab? in the SharePoint ribbon that provides contextual help to end users across the organization

Rehmani notes that the largest and most consistent issue seems to be a lack of consistency in SharePoint usage. In other words, end users don't seem to remain committed to using SharePoint "when they don't see the motivation to do it and [they don't see] the benefit it's going to provide them.? When this happens, Rehmani says that this powerful business software capable of accomplishing much eventually becomes costly "shelfware.?

But with an investment of a little time and money, VisualSP can help any SharePoint user learn how to discover and create useful solutions to their business issues- even for non-developers. In fact, Rehmani will be speaking twice at the 2015 SPTechCon on issues related to "no-code? development in SharePoint, a natural extension of the help and support that VisualSP provides through their website, products, and resources.

Another issue that sometimes plagues companies that have adopted SharePoint is the program's feature-packed ability to do so much. Rehmani cautions that companies shouldn't feel pressured to use every single feature (calendaring, document management, dashboards, project management, etc.).

Rather, companies should consider what issues they're facing and what specific SharePoint features can help them solve those issues. For example, if companies want to seamlessly integrate their CRM software with their marketing automation, there's a SharePoint answer for that. Additionally, if a company is unsure about how SharePoint can practically help them, the resources and people at VisualSP can help guide their way.

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Lastly, Rehmani hears about end users often becoming frustrated by the program because they don't feel as if their work in SharePoint is actually adding value to the company. "As a company, you have to provide the tools to your employees [that will] help them be more productive, add more value, and help them feel more fulfilled.?

While SharePoint by itself may cause certain frustrations, SharePoint plus VisualSP can help iron out those issues so that a company can begin to see a notable return on its investment, both in their software infrastructure as well as in their employee morale.

To hear more about VisualSP, listen to the included TechnologyAdvice interview.

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This interview was provided by SPTechCon media partner TechnologyAdvice, an Inc. 5000 company that connects buyers and sellers of business technology through meaningful relationships. Interview conducted by Clark Buckner.
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