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TechnologyAdvice Interview: From SharePoint to the Cloud - Metalogix Helping Businesses Make the Transition

Friday, December 22, 2017

TechnologyAdvice Interview: From SharePoint to the Cloud - Metalogix Helping Businesses Make the Transition


From SharePoint to the Cloud - Metalogix Helping Businesses Make the Transition

Companies currently using SharePoint face a dilemma: Stick with their secure but costly on-premise environments or embrace cheaper cloud-based solutions and perceived loss of control? Metalogix's Steve Marsh thinks that his tools can help companies transition to the cloud with more security and less fear.

He spoke with TechnologyAdvice host Clark Buckner about the common challenges the cloud-computing industry faces today and how Metalogix is alleviating those pains and answering its evolving needs.



Founded in 2001, Metalogix provides software management tools for collaboration platforms including SharePoint, Exchange, and Office 365.

As director of product marketing, Marshfocuses on the messaging around technologies, talking to the businesses market about how Metalogix tools can benefit them, as well as focusing on Metalogix's SharePoint suite of tools for migration and security compliance.

Marsh elaborated on the Metalogix tool set, which covers three main areas with a number of capabilities:

Metalogix SharePoint Solutions

  • Offers migration assistance to companies transitioning to cloud-based SharePoint solutions from a variety of different content sources, including existing SharePoint systems, file shares, and more.

  • Assists with security and compliance elements related to SharePoint, including end user permission management, enforcement of governance policies, auditing, and reporting.

  • Provides tools for optimizing SharePoint's underlying content storage (known as binary large objects or BLOBs), as well as backup, restoration, and monitoring of on-premise SharePoint environments.

Metalogix Microsoft Exchange Solutions

  • With its own email archive system, Metalogix provides video tools to look into the exchange site of the Microsoft collaboration world around email migration, archiving of content, or migration from different archives into different archive system.

Metalogix Cloud Solutions

  • Migration, security, and management can certainly be offered in the cloud, whether through a hybrid cloud solution or through a fully cloud-based solution like Office 365.

Cloud Storage Security Concerns

In the face of growing security concerns when it comes to storing essential business data in the cloud (e.g. WikiLeaks, Edward Snowden, and repeated high-profile credit card hacks), Marsh emphasized that Metalogix has an extremely good grounding given their security permission and compliance tools for SharePoint, tools they've had and have maintained for a number of years in the on-premise world.

Marsh also cited certain implications he's observed surrounding cloud storage for business:

  • Maturity in security and compliance approach: There has been little growth in maturity when it comes to approaches to security and compliance, particularly with collaboration around SharePoint, regardless of whether it's on premises or in the cloud.

  • Business-critical content: The content shared and stored on cloud-based platforms is becoming increasingly business-critical.

  • Need for proper technologies and tools: There is a growing realization for the need to backup and support security and compliance policies and procedures for companies opting to use cloud-based solutions.

Marsh pointed out that this goes beyond just the technology itself. Rather, it's about people and processes as well, and this is where Metalogix offers further help by supporting those decisions. He further stated that the security and compliance solution is not merely a technology solution since it encompasses many different areas. Furthermore, people want to understand how content and collaboration platforms are being used, and this is a shift the industry will continue to see.

Solving Uncontrolled Cloud-Based Business Computing

Marsh illustrated that one of the increasing needs seen around the cloud-computing space is actually being driven by users. They tend to use their personal cloud storage accounts to store business content due to the occasional lack of similar cloud-based business tools for storage.

However, this poses an increasingly concerning situation for organizations since personal accounts are outside of the control of corporate IT departments. Consequently, access to certain information needed by an organization may be restrained since the company can't access that data from an employee's personal account.

Marsh sees a future need for the ability to consolidate this type of content into something like SharePoint online or Office 365 in order to achieve a base level of security for a corporate-sanctioned, enterprise file-syncing, share-type platform where business content should live.

Lastly, Marsh recommended that interested companies should check out Metalogix's SharePoint online app, Drive2Office 365, which allows users to connect their personal Google Drive, Box, or OneDrive accounts to Office 365 or OneDrive for Business.

For more information on Metalogix and their collection of tools and design, visit

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