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  • With the tools and technology available, skills shortages and a competitive job market, the time has come for organizations to understand the power of creating a more compelling employee experience. Studies support it  and your employees want it. The good news is that the changes are already happening in many places, offering orgnaizations larger talent pools, as well as, better collaboration and innovation efforts. 

    In fact, according to a Sapho survey last month of 160 IT directors and chief information technology directors at companies with more than 1,000 employees, 78 percent of respondents plan to upgrade their organization’s enterprise applications this year. Their goal is to provide employees with better user experiences, improve employee productivity and produce more secure sensitive data. So what can IT leaders do specifically to help improve employee experiences? We caught up with some experts who shared their thoughts on IT's role improving the workplace.

  • Even after a company has adopted SharePoint and Office 365, you will find that many employees are still writing their to-do lists on paper. It's okay to jot a reminder on a post-it note but it's not ideal to continue making lists of daily things to do on sheets of paper, especially after the right tools have been deployed in your organization.

    SharePoint gives you a smarter way to create, manage, and secure your work-related tasks lists.

    Many times, it's hard to abandon your pen and paper for the routine but with some efforts, the habit can easily be broken.

    SharePoint empowers you with an out-of-the-box functionality that is well optimized for typical daily to-do lists. When a list of subtasks is large enough to morph into a project, the feature will expand to synchronize with Microsoft Project Server or Project Online. And, when you need a more convenient way to work with your tasks, the feature dynamically connect with Microsoft Outlook.

    Once you try the SharePoint Tasks List feature, you may never find a reason to go back to your sheets of paper.

    There are plenty of reasons why you need to transition to SharePoint; chief among them are management flexibility, collaboration opportunities, and integration capabilities.

    Let's break down each of those advantages.

  • The pressure is high on all businesses to archive data for audit and regulation purposes. Data includes email, wherever it's hosted. So, if you're among the hundreds of thousands of companies around the world that have chosen to use Office 365 for their email, you must make sure you have a reliable archive of all mailboxes.

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    When a company begins looking into third-party business applications to integrate within their SharePoint environments, what should they look for? How can such companies best prepare themselves for the future of their company while also meeting their business’s present needs and challenges?

  • More and more offices are going green. The eco-friendly benefits that a paperless office provides is great, but that is a discussion for another post. In this article, let us discuss how effective and productive your office can get by going paperless. Also, we will discuss how SharePoint helps offices to go truly digital ? completely paperless ? by automating all your content management jobs in no time.

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