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  • InfoPath Replacements & Migrations on SharePoint

    Monday, January 08, 2018 Adis Jugo

    From the very beginning, one of the primary uses of SharePoint Server was the development of custom solutions based on the SharePoint platform. Whether it was simple data entry forms, workflow interactions and endpoints, or even complex business solutions, there was always a need for designing forms for data entry, editing, and viewing.

    Simply put, standard SharePoint list forms were adequate for basic needs and scenarios. But in many ways, they lacked the critical features that users needed, including the ability to efficiently change layouts and apply dynamic behaviors to control fields.


  • S+Android-0a

    Infragistics, a worldwide leader in user interface toolsets and enterprise mobility, today announced the availability of its mobile SharePoint solution for Android devices: SharePlus for Android. It also announced the update of SharePlus for iOS, releasing Version 4.1.

    “In response to market demand, we are extending the anytime, anywhere productivity and outstanding user experience of SharePlus to the growing numbers of Android users, as well as expanding the product for those who use Apple devices,” said Dean Guida, president and CEO of Infragistics.

  • The impact of SharePoint - 2016 by AIIM shows that 85% of respondents use SharePoint as their intranet platform and 92% made it their major collaboration tool hosting employees' workplaces and corporate team sites. All in all, collaboration is the most popular SharePoint duty comparing to document management (80%), records management (47%) or web content management (30%). At the same time, since organizations vary by business domains and sizes, their requirements to SharePoint collaboration and a SharePoint intranet can be absolutely different.

  • Whether SharePoint blends into Office 365, or companies stay with on-premises SharePoint Servers (Microsoft quietly has said there will be two more releases of the on-premises servers), Microsoft always leaves room for improvement. So, rest assured, the third-party add-ins and plug-ins that make your SharePoint more secure, more performant or just plain more robust will be around for a while.

  • Incentive, a leading provider of a complete, socially powered enterprise collaboration platform for mid-market organizations and enterprise teams, today announced it has added seamless integration with Microsoft SharePoint, a leading enterprise web application. The public beta integration enables SharePoint users to search, visualize and collaborate on files natively within Incentive. All SharePoint files and folders are indexed and searchable within Incentive, eliminating the need to import or copy files.
  • Managing your SharePoint farms and keeping them in tip top shape is an everlasting fight. You constantly need to check the progress to ensure minimum compliance issues and fix migration backfires. This takes a considerable amount of your time, which could be spent actually improving your SharePoint environment's health.

  • Persistent Systems, an India-based software services provider, today announced it has acquired the services business of SharePoint platform provider Akumina. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

  • BA Insight posed several questions to IDC Research Director David Schubmehl regarding InfoApps and how they can make content more accessible to users through the provisioning of portals connected to other systems. This white paper will answer questions such as:

  • SharePoint deployments tend to be complex projects. You have to get a budget for the project, plan the farm architecture, secure hardware, complete the installation, and configure the farm. After all of that, many people consider the process complete because SharePoint is “deployed.”

    There is just one thing missing: users. Despite the fact that the demos make everything look easy, and everything is available inside the firewall, outside the firewall and across the globe, users just don’t seem to be flocking to the new software. If this sounds familiar, perhaps these few tips will help speed up your user adoption. ... READ MORE

  • One of my favorite SharePoint related conferences of the year is easily the SPTechCon show that's held twice a year. They have a show in San Francisco, CA in the first part of the year and another in Boston in the latter part of the year. This year's San Francisco, CA show is held April 22-25, 2014 and I've been honored to ask to present as well as be one of the two keynote speakers at the show!

  • Infragistics, a leading provider of mobile collaboration solutions, today joined Nintex, the leader in workflow and content automation, at Microsoft Ignite to announce a new partnership to integrate Nintex Workflow and Forms, which automate processes on and between today's most used enterprise content management systems and collaboration platforms, connecting on-premises, cloud workflows, and mobile users; with Infragistics' SharePlus platform, a mobile collaboration and productivity application enabling teams to run business processes, work on documents on premises or in the cloud, and analyze data all in one place. Together, these solutions enable teams to use a SharePlus Mobile Workspace to run business processes, analyze data, and work on documents both on-premises, or in the cloud, natively from their iOS devices.

  • Infragistics, a worldwide leader in providing tools and solutions to accelerate a design, development and collaboration for any organization, today announced the availability of SharePlus, their platform agnostic collaboration and productivity application for Microsoft SharePoint on premise and Office 365 on mobile devices. The latest release enables the creation of custom mobile workspaces, providing business teams a focused environment tailored to their needs or specific job roles. SharePlus now extends centralized access to content and data across the cloud with OneDrive for Business, Dropbox and Google Drive, or on corporate network drives.

  • Infragistics, a worldwide leader in providing tools and solutions to accelerate design, development and collaboration, today announced the launch of Infragistics Ultimate 16.1, its enterprise-ready web, mobile and desktop user interface development suite. Ultimate 16.1 incorporates a broad range of additions and enhancements designed to simplify and speed development of amazingly visual native iOS and Android applications, cross platform applications with Xamarin, Web apps with the AngularJS and Hybrid Apps with HTML5 targeting Cordova.

  • Insight to acquire BlueMetal

    SPTechCon Newswire

    Insight Enterprises, Inc. today announced the acquisition of BlueMetal, an interactive design and technology architecture firm based in the Boston area, with offices in Chicago and New York.

  • Lightning Tools is delighted to announce the release of a Microsoft SharePoint Online Add-in to manage SharePoint permissions.

  • With the introduction of the SharePoint Framework, organizations now have an entirely new option to choose from when designing custom extensions for their cloud and on-premise collaboration solutions. Although this new model provides additional capabilities and addresses many of the feature gaps present in Azure Web Applications and SharePoint Add-Ins, it also makes the development landscape more complicated than ever before, inevitably leading to confusion around which model to use for specific business scenarios. Integrating the Framework into an existing development strategy involves several key decision points and a deeper understanding of why it was introduced and what specific problems it was created to solve.

  • SharePoint has traditionally been stigmatized as a collaborative portal used for document management and lightweight process automation by organizations around the world. Microsoft's vision for SharePoint is for it to act as the nucleus for collaborative organizations, becoming the proverbial glue that holds an organization's systems together while seamlessly surfacing information across departments. That vision, one which frankly has taken Microsoft some time to craft and communicate, sounds similar to the role of human resources in many companies: acting as the component that keeps the company together, but also one that has taken time to efficiently build.

  • Video is one of the most powerful ways we connect, communicate and learn today ? breaking down geographic boundaries and bringing a distinctly human element to digital interactions.  Myriad platforms exist in the consumer space to upload and share live or on demand in a matter of seconds. As one of the most consumed and shared content types on the internet, video is increasingly an important part of our personal lives. We believe video can ? and should ? be just as impactful in the workplace.

  • Today we are announcing the general availability of Office UI Fabric on GitHub. Office UI Fabric is a responsive, mobile-first, front-end framework for developers, designed to make it simple to quickly create web experiences using the Office Design Language. It’s simple and familiar to get up and running with Office UI Fabric—whether you’re creating a new app from scratch or adding new features to an existing one.

  • The cloud. SharePoint.

  • Every developer spends time updating existing code. Whether to add new features, fix old ones or simply remove unused functionality, it is very rare for a piece of code to go its entire life without any updates…READ MORE
  • Is the people picker broken?

    David Rubinstein

    At the end of May, Microsoft architect Kirk Evans wrote a blog post about the frustrations users were experiencing implementing claims authentication via SAML in SharePoint.

  • Ignatiuz is introducing at SPTechCon a SharePoint 2013-based vendor management platform called iVendor that facilitates easy bid and RFP posting and management by businesses and government agencies. iVendor can be run on farm based SharePoint instances or SharePoint Online. 

  • Ignatiuz this week announced that its intuitive vendor management system, iVendor, is now available via subscription-based models. The solution is deployed and hosted on cloud servers by Ignatiuz, enabling a client to select from different subscription models based on the number of bids to be published during a year, ranging from 20 to 500. The dedicated deployed solution continues to exist.

  • First, I've got to say thanks. Since launching the Periodic Table of Office 365back in May 2017-the second-most popular of the infographics I've produced, beat out by my Intro to Office 365 Groups, interestingly-it's been viewed almost 50,000 times across LinkedIn and my blog. It's been translated into three other languages. It pops up at conferences across the world. And I've seen it in many intranets to help with internal Office 365 adoption.

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