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  • Microsoft Ignite 2018 Wrap Up

    Monday, October 01, 2018 Marc Anderson
    Unless you were under a metaphorical rock last week, you probably were deluged with information coming out of the Microsoft Ignite conference in Orlando. While the conference was heavily weighted toward Azure innovations and enhancements, there was plenty for us to cheer about as SharePointilists. The SharePoint and OneDrive team uses Ignite as one half of its annual announcements cycle, with the May SharePoint Conference North America filling that role for the other half of the year. In each conference, they review what’s happened in the time since the last conference and let us know what will be coming before the next one. In other words, while there is plenty of vision mixed in, the announcements are all about enhancements we should see in the next half year. (Sure, they miss on a few things, but their track record here is strong.)
  • Microsoft Ignite is happening this week in the sunny Orlando, FL. Office 365 was one of the most important topics of SharePoint Conference North America in May, 2018, and we expected some further news for Ignite, too. – And here it is: Microsoft just announced Microsoft Search, the “cohesive search that intelligently helps you find, discover, command and navigate”.

    Let’s see what this means.

  • Microsoft gives a glimpse of SharePoint Server 2016

    Friday, December 22, 2017 Rob Marvin

    As Microsoft continues to integrate Office 365 services into its SharePoint and Office suite, and as it moves closer to another on premise server release, the company has summarized its experience, management and extensible platform plans for the future of SharePoint.

  • To take advantage of the popularity of the Web-based service connectivity platform IFTTT (If This Then That), Microsoft yesterday announced it is launching Office 365 Channels for IFTTT.

  • I think when companies do good things, they deserve credit for it. When Microsoft embraced the open-source community, I was pleasantly surprised and shared how I'd been feeling about the change in the company. As a MacBook Pro/OS X guy, I shared my mostly positive experience with my new Surface Pro 4. We saw the Office group ship a client to help build Office Add-ins for non-Windows and Visual Studio developers, which was such a cool move for the platform!

  • Microsoft has confirmed rumors that it plans to remove the Public Website feature from its SharePoint Online service.

  • Microsoft is releasing a new database solution for businesses to store and manage their business entities. The company unveiled the public preview of the Microsoft Common Data Model (CDM) this week. The Common Data Model is integrated in Microsoft Flow to help users capture new data, and can also be integrated into PowerApps to make creating apps on top of that data easier.

  • 0210.sp-webpart.png

  • 0818.sp-sharepoint.png

    Microsoft is giving developers a public preview of its new solution for building mobile and web client-side experiences with SharePoint. The company first announced the new framework at the Future of SharePoint event in May.

  • Microsoft today announced a new social enterprise feature for Office 365 called “document conversations,” which puts the collaboration features of Yammer into Office apps...READ MORE

  • Microsoft is rolling out the first release of Office 365 Video to its First Release enterprise customers.

  • 0907.sp-office-delve

  • Microsoft has announced its project-management solution for Office 365 is now generally available. Microsoft Planner aims to give teams a new way to organize and collaborate on their work.

  • Microsoft announced the creation of a new app in the Office portfolio, called Sway, which is a tool to create interactive presentations.

  • Back in January 2014, Microsoft announced it would deprecate custom code-based sandboxed solutions running server-side code. Last week, it announced that these solutions would no longer run on SharePoint Online.

  • Microsoft wants to clean up the inbox with Clutter, a new organizational tool for Office 365.

  • Delve, a tool for helping Office 365 users find documents, meetings and more across the suite, is being rolled out to users. This could be a first step toward creating hybrid scenarios for SharePoint on-premises servers and Office 365 clouds.

  • 1102.sp-microsoft.png

    Microsoft officially confirmed today that it is building its own chat and messaging service in-house. Microsoft Teams is a chat-based solution for Office 365.

  • Microsoft Program Added to Stellar SharePoint Conference Line-Up Featuring 28 Microsoft MVPs; Amazon Announced as Diamond Sponsor

    MELVILLE, N.Y., December 23, 2014 — BZ Media LLC today announced that the 11th SPTechCon, the leading independent conference for SharePoint professionals, would include a full day, “Office 365 DevCamp,” presented by Microsoft.

  • More and more government agencies are realizing the benefits of cloud computing, and Microsoft is poised to unveil several new updates to its cloud services for government customers Tuesday at its Government Cloud Forum.

  • Microsoft is pushing businesses towards Windows 10 and Office 365 with the announcement of Microsoft 365 today. The company revealed the new 365 offering at its 2017 Inspire event in Washington, D.C. this week.

  • Power-BI-iPhone-iPad-Surface1-640x274
  • 0123.sdt-microsoft.png

    Microsoft wants to help businesses gain value with the Microsoft Cloud. The company announced it is moving its "customer success service? FastTrack beyond Office 365. It previewed FastTrack for Windows 10 and FastTrack for Dynamics 365, as well as updates to FastTrack for Office 365. FastTrack provides users with best practices, tools, resources and expert support for working with Microsoft Cloud.

  • Microsoft is bringing new improvements and functionality to its business, low-code solutions Flow and PowerApps. Flow is an automated workflow solution while PowerApps is the company's enterprise software service.

  • A typical month for the Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online Protection team might be considered atypical for most. In our fight against spam and malware, we process over 200 billion e-mails each month and block 10 million spam messages every minute. That’s the norm for our malicious threat protection efforts—but we don’t stop there. As e-mail attackers around the globe are getting smarter and more sophisticated, we’re making big investments in our Exchange Online Protection and Advanced Threat Protection services to proactively identify and block the most dangerous e-mail threats, with features like:

  • Microsoft would like every organization to move to the cloud. But realizing that many are not yet ready to move, the company has decided to bring the cloud to you.

  • A new method of updating Office 365, added support for data loss prevention, and multi-factor authentication are among the new features to be released in Office 2016 later this month.

  • 0330.sp-office365-mdm

    Microsoft has that announced mobile device management (MDM) capabilities are now generally available in Office 365.

  • Your people and your data are your organization’s greatest assets. With Office 365, we continuously strive to provide you with more control over how your data is managed and accessed.

    At Ignite in May, we announced the ability to assign workload-specific service administrator roles to your organizations IT administrators for Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Skype for Business Online. We’re pleased to announce that this capability is rolling out starting today.

    The ability to assign workload-specific admin roles provides your organization more control over how your Office 365 administrators access your data. An admin assigned to a workload-specific admin role would only have access to the relevant controls and settings associated with that workload. For example, the SharePoint Online administrator role provides that admin access to only SharePoint related controls and settings in the Office 365 Admin Center. The SharePoint Online admin can manage SharePoint site collections, configure SharePoint settings such as the organizations external sharing policy and access SharePoint Admin Center for additional SharePoint capabilities. However, the SharePoint Online admin will not have access to other Office 365 service controls and settings such as mailbox configuration, transport rules and other non-SharePoint related settings.


    In addition, to better align the permissions to how your administrators are organized, there is more flexibility in assigning roles. If your Office IT administrators have multiple responsibilities and require permissions that are greater than what is offered in one administrator role, such as within SharePoint Online and Skype for Business Online responsibilities, then you can assign both those roles to that administrator. Your organization is no longer limited to only one admin role assignment per administrator.

    To configure an admin role, the global administrator selects the user from the active user list, then selects edit user roles > Limited Admin Role to display the list of all the Office 365 admin roles. Simply select the applicable admin role(s) and you’re done.


    With the new workload-specific admin roles and the ability to select multiple admin roles, your organization now has more options to set the right level of permissions to your Office 365 IT administrators. Ultimately, this means you now have more control over who has access to your organization’s data.

  • Last week's newsletter took a look at Microsoft's efforts to give business workers the power to create apps using low-code solutions such as PowerApps and Flow. This week, we look at SmartStarters, an entry into the low-code solutions space from K2.

  • Despite Microsoft's best efforts to show the value of cloud-based collaboration for increased productivity, nearly 40% of the approximately 150 respondents to a pre-SPTechCon survey continued to maintain they have no plans to migrate to Office 365.

  • My favorite things

    Stephanie Donahue
    It's hard to get anything accomplished as you roll out Office 365 if you don't have the proper tools to get the job done. Unfortunately, we don't all have the budget to purchase every piece of software that would meet our needs. As power users and site administrators, we are often asked to do more with less, and that's where these third-party tools come in! I've spent years working for and with companies on a limited budget, so here are a few of my favorite things.

    Are you having trouble keeping track of your tasks? Using e-mail like a to-do list? Post-it notes everywhere? Wunderlist is the application that might be the answer to your problems. Wunderlist is a cloud-based task-management system that allows you to easily create multiple to-do lists from any device. While it doesn't directly integrate with SharePoint, you can connect Wunderlist to Microsoft Office Groups and Teams so update notifications will populate the conversation streams. It's the perfect easy-to-use product when you don't need an elaborate task list in Microsoft Project or when you need a mobile-friendly app.

  • We’ve all made it through the holiday season, and for those of us in the Northern hemisphere, the days are finally starting to get longer. We’ve also read everyone’s Top 10 list for 2015.

  • I am going to hand you $35,000 and tell you to go buy a car. Nice, right? Oh, but by the way, you can only buy an American-made, four-door, blue sedan. Still nice... but a little limiting. Want leather seats? Go for it. Nice sound system? Sure thing. Want a sunroof? Nope, sorry. Want something a bit sportier or something a more rugged? Tough luck. But hey, you are getting a car! That part is cool. However, you aren’t getting a vehicle that necessarily meets your needs.

  • Looking to get the most out of your everyday SharePoint searches? Look no further. This infographic covers all you would ever need to know to search as smartly as possible, garnering you the best results you can get. More detailed explanations and the sources for all of the items in this infographic can be found here.

  • We all know that SharePoint governance is important: to avoid team site "sprawl,? to ensure that content quality is maintained, to improve search results, to provide a high-quality user experience, and to ensure that content is compliant with legal and records retention policies. In other words, governance is important because without it, you are not likely to achieve your business results. However, implementing governance policies and guidelines can be a big challenge.

  • Making OneDrive easier

    David Rubinstein

    Microsoft today rolled out a preview of a new OneDrive Admin Center, aimed at making it easier to manage company settings and policies. It's for First Release customers, and Microsoft is anxious to hear what you have to say about it.

  • One of the biggest advantages of cloud services is the pace at which new features are delivered and adopted. Microsoft has readily embraced the rapid release cycles made possible by their robust cloud infrastructure, releasing new and updated features for SharePoint Online and other Office 365 services on a monthly (and sometimes weekly) basis. While having immediate access to the latest and greatest functionality is a definite improvement over the old three- to five-year upgrade cycles for on-premises software, it creates some significant challenges for corporate training departments.

  • One doesn’t normally look to the work of psychologist Abraham Maslow and his “hierarchy of needs” when thinking about SharePoint adoption. In fact, looking at the hierarchy, the bottom two levels—Physiological and Safety—are generally outside the sphere of influence of SharePoint. But the other levels—Love and Belonging, Esteem, and Self-actualization—can be correlated back to SharePoint, especially where social is concerned. READ MORE
  • Modern cloud-based collaboration technologies have significantly changed the pace and dynamic of work across organizations of all sizes and verticals. Microsoft has continued to lead the charge in this arena with the continued growth and expansion of Office 365. Much of Microsoft's innovation in the past year has revolved around Office 365 Groups, including the launch of Microsoft Teams last year to compete in the chat-based collaboration space. With Office 365 Groups, Microsoft caters to the evolving workforce by providing end users an easier way to create and collaborate on projects together.

  • MessageOps unveils 'ROOT'

    SPTechCon Newswire

    MessageOps, a Microsoft Cloud business unit of Champion Solutions Group, announced today the launch of ROOT, a new SharePoint Intranet platform for Office 365 that is intelligently built, intuitively designed, and immediately useful. This feature-rich intranet portal is attractively priced to give all Office 365 customers an opportunity to create a more collaborative working environment, and give their employees a central access point to important company information and apps.

  • Metalogix, the premier provider of management software to move, manage and secure content for Office 365, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, Exchange, Box, Dropbox, Amazon, Google and other leading enterprise content management (ECM) systems, announced today that it has acquired MetaVis Technologies.

  • Metalogix, the market-leading provider of solutions to move, manage and protect content within enterprise collaboration platforms, today announced the winners of its third annual MetaHero Awards.  The awards recognize the individuals and teams, leveraging Metalogix solutions together with Microsoft SharePoint and/or Office 365 cloud, to help ensure their organization's agility, competitive advantage and business success. 
  • Metalogix, the premier provider of collaboration content management software to move, manage and secure on Office 365, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, Exchange, Box, Dropbox, Amazon, Google and other leading enterprise content management (ECM) systems, announced today the release of Archive Manager 7.0 to improve mobile access, Office 365 backup, security and social media compliance capabilities.

  • Metalogix, a provider of unified software, announced the finalists of the third annual MetaHero Awards, which recognizes leaders of innovation with Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 deployments. The winners will be announced during the Microsoft Ignite conference next week.

  • Metalogix, provider of the industry’s most recognized and trusted management tools for mission-critical collaboration platforms, including SharePoint, Exchange and Office 365, announced today the release of Metalogix SharePoint Backup 5.0 and Metalogix StoragePoint 5.0 with integration that expedites the backup of SharePoint content from hours to minutes. StoragePoint 5.0 and SharePoint Backup 5.0 supports organizations by significantly improving their disaster recovery preparedness and minimizing the risk of data loss by performing automated, fast and secure backups of entire SharePoint farms.

    The integration of StoragePoint 5.0 with SharePoint Backup 5.0 results in continuous and automatic backup of SharePoint content. As a result of this innovative approach, the amount of time required to fully backup content databases is reduced from hours to minutes and backup frequencies can be increased resulting in greater, continuous protection of mission-critical content.

  • Metalogix, the premier provider of collaboration content management software to move, manage and secure content in the cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments, today announced at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Essentials for Office 365, a new unified management suite. The solution provides all the necessary functionality to perform the lifecycle management for Office 365, from onboarding users to managing the migration, security and backup for content from a single management console. 

  • Today Metalogix announced the launch of the Cloud Acceleration Suite and Partner Program to help clients successfully deploy collaboration capabilities in the cloud platform of their choice, including Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and hybrid and private cloud. The program brings together Metalogix’ trusted migration and management tools for mission-critical collaboration platforms and Microsoft qualified cloud deployment partners to offer organizations a start-to-finish solution for rapid migration of email, files and SharePoint content to the cloud.

    Despite a strong industry push in recent years to move content collaboration to the cloud, a significant number of companies are far from achieving cloud adoption due to a lack of professional experience in migrating content and training end-users on how to maximize their cloud productivity. As reported in The Wall Street Journal’s CIO Journal in May, Gartner Research Inc. vice president Tom Austin stated that only eight percent of enterprise employees moved to cloud-based office systems in 2013.

  • Migrating content to the cloud is not easy. It takes patience and time, and businesses often get overwhelmed with the amount of disparate tools for SharePoint, Exchange, files and other content sources that are supposed to help make the migration process easier, according to Steve Marsh, director of product marketing at Metalogix. Metalogix wants to simplify migrating content to the cloud with its latest release of the Cloud Acceleration Suite, a set of migration tools designed to speed up migration, improve security and management, and drive adoption and collaboration.

  • There are security breaches, and then there are security breaches. Yelp may have the profile info of its users revealed in a massive data breach. Disconcerting to the Yelpers, of course, but nothing to lose sleep over. A hack into adult casual encounter site Ashley Madison, while smaller in number, has already led to several suicides of married people exposed as cheating on their spouses.

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