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  • The Linker is filled with excitement and joy about his New York Rangers taking the ice tonight for Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals. So please, after 8 p.m. Eastern, no phone calls asking for link revisions or repairs. Those pleas will go unanswered until the postgame. In the meantime, these should tide you over. LET’S GO RANGERS!!!...READ MORE
  • Live from SPC '14

    Michael Pehel
    LAS VEGAS — In front of thousands of attendees during a packed keynote to open Microsoft’s SharePoint Conference 2014 here, executives reiterated the company’s emphasis on the cloud as a core pillar of its future strategy…READ MORE
  • Live from SPTechCon Austin

    David Rubinstein

    Hybrid is a word that sounds old, but it’s part of the new way Microsoft is looking at taking its SharePoint customers to the Office 365 cloud.

    That was the message from Arpan Shah, Microsoft’s senior director of technical product management for Office 365, right before he delivered his keynote to about 500 SharePoint professionals gathered here in Austin, Texas, for the SPTechCon conference.

  • With Office 365 enabling Microsoft to deliver changes and updates more frequently, it’s becoming difficult to stay on top of everything. With each release, some things get better, and some things change—often, NOT for the better.

    What’s a SharePointer to do? How can he or she possibly hope to stay on top of all that’s new?

  • I am going to hand you $35,000 and tell you to go buy a car. Nice, right? Oh, but by the way, you can only buy an American-made, four-door, blue sedan. Still nice... but a little limiting. Want leather seats? Go for it. Nice sound system? Sure thing. Want a sunroof? Nope, sorry. Want something a bit sportier or something a more rugged? Tough luck. But hey, you are getting a car! That part is cool. However, you aren’t getting a vehicle that necessarily meets your needs.

  • Looking to get the most out of your everyday SharePoint searches? Look no further. This infographic covers all you would ever need to know to search as smartly as possible, garnering you the best results you can get. More detailed explanations and the sources for all of the items in this infographic can be found here.

  • We all know that SharePoint governance is important: to avoid team site "sprawl,? to ensure that content quality is maintained, to improve search results, to provide a high-quality user experience, and to ensure that content is compliant with legal and records retention policies. In other words, governance is important because without it, you are not likely to achieve your business results. However, implementing governance policies and guidelines can be a big challenge.

  • Making OneDrive easier

    David Rubinstein

    Microsoft today rolled out a preview of a new OneDrive Admin Center, aimed at making it easier to manage company settings and policies. It's for First Release customers, and Microsoft is anxious to hear what you have to say about it.

  • One of the biggest advantages of cloud services is the pace at which new features are delivered and adopted. Microsoft has readily embraced the rapid release cycles made possible by their robust cloud infrastructure, releasing new and updated features for SharePoint Online and other Office 365 services on a monthly (and sometimes weekly) basis. While having immediate access to the latest and greatest functionality is a definite improvement over the old three- to five-year upgrade cycles for on-premises software, it creates some significant challenges for corporate training departments.

  • One doesn’t normally look to the work of psychologist Abraham Maslow and his “hierarchy of needs” when thinking about SharePoint adoption. In fact, looking at the hierarchy, the bottom two levels—Physiological and Safety—are generally outside the sphere of influence of SharePoint. But the other levels—Love and Belonging, Esteem, and Self-actualization—can be correlated back to SharePoint, especially where social is concerned. READ MORE
  • Modern cloud-based collaboration technologies have significantly changed the pace and dynamic of work across organizations of all sizes and verticals. Microsoft has continued to lead the charge in this arena with the continued growth and expansion of Office 365. Much of Microsoft's innovation in the past year has revolved around Office 365 Groups, including the launch of Microsoft Teams last year to compete in the chat-based collaboration space. With Office 365 Groups, Microsoft caters to the evolving workforce by providing end users an easier way to create and collaborate on projects together.

  • MessageOps unveils 'ROOT'

    SPTechCon Newswire

    MessageOps, a Microsoft Cloud business unit of Champion Solutions Group, announced today the launch of ROOT, a new SharePoint Intranet platform for Office 365 that is intelligently built, intuitively designed, and immediately useful. This feature-rich intranet portal is attractively priced to give all Office 365 customers an opportunity to create a more collaborative working environment, and give their employees a central access point to important company information and apps.

  • Metalogix, the premier provider of management software to move, manage and secure content for Office 365, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, Exchange, Box, Dropbox, Amazon, Google and other leading enterprise content management (ECM) systems, announced today that it has acquired MetaVis Technologies.

  • Metalogix, the market-leading provider of solutions to move, manage and protect content within enterprise collaboration platforms, today announced the winners of its third annual MetaHero Awards.  The awards recognize the individuals and teams, leveraging Metalogix solutions together with Microsoft SharePoint and/or Office 365 cloud, to help ensure their organization's agility, competitive advantage and business success. 
  • Metalogix, the premier provider of collaboration content management software to move, manage and secure on Office 365, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, Exchange, Box, Dropbox, Amazon, Google and other leading enterprise content management (ECM) systems, announced today the release of Archive Manager 7.0 to improve mobile access, Office 365 backup, security and social media compliance capabilities.

  • Metalogix, a provider of unified software, announced the finalists of the third annual MetaHero Awards, which recognizes leaders of innovation with Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 deployments. The winners will be announced during the Microsoft Ignite conference next week.

  • Metalogix, provider of the industry’s most recognized and trusted management tools for mission-critical collaboration platforms, including SharePoint, Exchange and Office 365, announced today the release of Metalogix SharePoint Backup 5.0 and Metalogix StoragePoint 5.0 with integration that expedites the backup of SharePoint content from hours to minutes. StoragePoint 5.0 and SharePoint Backup 5.0 supports organizations by significantly improving their disaster recovery preparedness and minimizing the risk of data loss by performing automated, fast and secure backups of entire SharePoint farms.

    The integration of StoragePoint 5.0 with SharePoint Backup 5.0 results in continuous and automatic backup of SharePoint content. As a result of this innovative approach, the amount of time required to fully backup content databases is reduced from hours to minutes and backup frequencies can be increased resulting in greater, continuous protection of mission-critical content.

  • Metalogix, the premier provider of collaboration content management software to move, manage and secure content in the cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments, today announced at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Essentials for Office 365, a new unified management suite. The solution provides all the necessary functionality to perform the lifecycle management for Office 365, from onboarding users to managing the migration, security and backup for content from a single management console. 

  • Today Metalogix announced the launch of the Cloud Acceleration Suite and Partner Program to help clients successfully deploy collaboration capabilities in the cloud platform of their choice, including Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and hybrid and private cloud. The program brings together Metalogix’ trusted migration and management tools for mission-critical collaboration platforms and Microsoft qualified cloud deployment partners to offer organizations a start-to-finish solution for rapid migration of email, files and SharePoint content to the cloud.

    Despite a strong industry push in recent years to move content collaboration to the cloud, a significant number of companies are far from achieving cloud adoption due to a lack of professional experience in migrating content and training end-users on how to maximize their cloud productivity. As reported in The Wall Street Journal’s CIO Journal in May, Gartner Research Inc. vice president Tom Austin stated that only eight percent of enterprise employees moved to cloud-based office systems in 2013.

  • Migrating content to the cloud is not easy. It takes patience and time, and businesses often get overwhelmed with the amount of disparate tools for SharePoint, Exchange, files and other content sources that are supposed to help make the migration process easier, according to Steve Marsh, director of product marketing at Metalogix. Metalogix wants to simplify migrating content to the cloud with its latest release of the Cloud Acceleration Suite, a set of migration tools designed to speed up migration, improve security and management, and drive adoption and collaboration.

  • There are security breaches, and then there are security breaches. Yelp may have the profile info of its users revealed in a massive data breach. Disconcerting to the Yelpers, of course, but nothing to lose sleep over. A hack into adult casual encounter site Ashley Madison, while smaller in number, has already led to several suicides of married people exposed as cheating on their spouses.

  • Metalogix, provider of the industry’s most recognized and trusted management tools for mission-critical collaboration platforms, including SharePoint, Exchange and Office 365, announced today the release of Replicator Cross Domain Edition for the secure, automated transfer of live SharePoint content between government agency networks at high and low security levels.

    Replicator Cross Domain Edition, developed with the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), is the only data guard integrated tool capable of automatic, bi-directional transfer of live content between SharePoint farms on separate networks at different security levels. For example, the tool synchronizes content between secret (SIPRNet) and sensitive but unclassified (NIPRNet) domains. Replicator Cross Domain Edition works with the data guard to eliminate the need for using removable media to transfer SharePoint content between networks at government agencies.

  • Metalogix today released an update to its ControlPoint data loss-protection software, and introduced Service Manager for Office 365 to help organizations provision users and content.

  • MetaVis Technologies, the market leader in modern content management solutions for Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive and SharePoint, today announced the release of the Office 365 Accelerator Kit for new customers.

  • MetaVis is rolling out a host of updates for its MetaVis Architect Suite. The Architect Suite is the company’s end-to-end solution for administrating and controlling SharePoint environments. It allows users to easily view their SharePoint architecture; change the design; analyze their SharePoint environment; discover trends in site and user activity and data growth; migrate content, lists, libraries, sites, workflows, webparts, permissions, metadata, and managed metadata services; discover, analyze and manage permissions; and easily create, manage and restore backups of site collections, sites, lists, libraries, content, views, permissions and fields.

    The latest updates features:

  • Microexcel, Inc. a global provider of technology solutions and services, is launching at SPTechCon Boston this week its ME Cloud portfolio that includes support for Microsoft cloud suites and services such as license subscription, storage, backup, integrated managed services, and easy billing.

  • 1201.sp-microsoft-acompli

    Microsoft has acquired mobile e-mail startup Acompli for a reported US$200 million.

    Acompli CEO Javier Soltero announced the acquisition in a blog post, explaining that the company will work under the Office 365 banner at Microsoft, and will still continue to support Gmail, Yahoo and other Outlook competitors. Acompli’s staff of about 25 will join Microsoft, according to Soltero.

    Acompli is an 18 month-old startup that provides a responsive mobile email app for iOS and Android designed for enterprise users. Acompli features include a focused inbox that automatically surfaces important mail, a calendar and file sharing integrated with Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.

    According to Microsoft’s blog post, the acquisition is another step in the company’s efforts to improve mobile productivity across platforms.

    “We’re excited about what’s possible as we build on the app’s success and bring it together with work currently in progress by the Outlook team,” wrote Rajesh Jha, Microsoft corporate vice president of Outlook and Office 365. “Our goal is to deliver fantastic cross-platform apps that support the variety of e-mail services people use today and help them accomplish more.”

  • 0605.sp-wunderlist

    Microsoft has acquired German startup 6Wunderkinder, the company behind the Wunderlist to-do list Web and mobile app.

  • Microsoft has announced the acquisition of collaboration startup LiveLoop, creator of software that allows users to work jointly on PowerPoint presentations. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

  • 1105.sp-microsoft-dropbox

    Microsoft and Dropbox have announced a strategic partnership to help people work more effectively on their phones, tablets and the Web. The partnership will include an integration of their collaborative services across Dropbox and Microsoft Office to allow customers to collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations from work, home or school.

    Once seen as a competitor to Microsoft’s SharePoint and OneDrive, Dropbox is used primarily as a file share for documents and photos. The move gives Microsoft another platform upon which to deliver Office 365 functionality as it continues to come to grips with the fact that the days of single-platform lock-in are in the past.

  • In the midst of some rather exciting announcements a few weeks back at Microsoft Build 2016, there was one announcement in particular that will enable significant strides in the development of mobile applications. During the Day 2 Keynote, Miguel de Icaza announced that Xamarin will now be included in all current flavors of Visual Studio, from Enterprise all of the way down to the freely available Community Edition.

  • 0415.sp-delve-office365

    Microsoft is rolling out new Office Delve mobile apps for Android and iOS, along with new features in Office 365 to improve user experience.

  • Microsoft today announced that its chat-based workspace, Teams, is now available to Office 365 business customers.

  • Microsoft’s Power BI service left its limited preview today, and it is now generally available for Office365 subscribers…READ MORE
  • Microsoft is beginning to roll out improvements to its SharePoint online sites as part of its new vision for SharePoint. The new capabilities include deeper integration with Office 365 Groups, and they will begin to roll out to Office 365 First Release next month.

  • Android users can now access Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps from their Android phone. The announcement joins the Office apps for Android tablets, and it marks Microsoft’s commitment to bringing the Office experience to Android users worldwide.

  • Microsoft announced in mid-February that SharePoint CU patches, including non-security product updates, would be made available through Windows Update going forward. Now it seems the company has changed its mind.

  • Microsoft is making it easier to sync, share and collaborate in Office 365 with new updates to its OneDrive for Business solution. OneDrive for Business gives users a place to store, share and sync work. New features include syncing files anywhere at any time, easily sharing files in and outside the organization, and improving the IT admin management experience.

  • Last week I blogged about Power BI and gave a balanced perspective regarding a project I am working on. Jen Underwood from Microsoft had some great feedback. In looking at her blog, I found a vendor call Datazen that offered a product that might fill a couple of my project needs where Power BI could not.

  • It's a new year for Office 365. Microsoft has announced updates and new features for its OneDrive, Office apps and StaffHub solutions.

  • Microsoft has given us an update on SharePoint Server 2016, announcing its Q2 general availability in 2016. Key takeaways include the statement that SharePoint on-premises will be around for years to come, and that hybrid is now a long-term solution, not just a stepping stone to an all-cloud implementation. 
  • 0107.sp-delveMicrosoft today unveiled a new Office Delve feature, which organizes content and documents on easily accessible and shareable “Boards.”

  • Microsoft has announced a new Cloud Storage Partner Program, along with new integrations allowing third-party cloud storage providers to natively integrate into the “Locations” picker in iOS Office apps on iPhone and iPad.

    According to an Office blog post, third-party storage integrations for Android and Windows 10 universal apps are on the way. The integration also allows cloud providers to integrate Office Online into their individual applications as part of the new Cloud Storage Partner Program. The program, of which Box, Citrix and Salesforce are already a part, will enable users to open, view and edit documents in the browser using any of the given third-party Web applications.

  • Many organizations using SharePoint today face the issue of running some or all of their data in the cloud. Microsoft’s story, of course, is how to adopt a hybrid approach: Certain non-sensitive data or workflows can run in the cloud while maintaining “the crown jewels” in on-premises servers.

  • Crow Canyon Systems has changed its name to Crow Canyon Software, to put the focus on quality business applications for SharePoint and Office 365.

  • Cryptzone acquires HiSoftware

    SPTechCon Newswire

    Cryptzone, a global provider of data security and identity and access management (IAM) solutions, has acquired HiSoftware Inc., a leading provider of governance, compliance and security solutions.  HiSoftware’s product portfolio provides a highly complementary set of solutions that will enhance Cryptzone’s already robust capabilities in securing critical data in the cloud, on mobile devices, and in customer data centers. The combined company will offer a complete suite of context-aware access control, data security and compliance solutions designed for today’s dynamic, mobile, cloud-centric enterprise IT. Cryptzone will be headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts and have a European center of excellence in engineering located in Gothenburg, Sweden, its birthplace. Combined, the companies will have more than 700 customers including large global enterprises like JPMorgan Chase, Northrup Grumman, AIG, Proctor & Gamble, State Street Trust, New York Presbyterian, ANZ Bank, and California State University, as well as some large U.S. government agencies such as the Departments of Commerce, Department of Homeland Security, Office of Secretary of Defense, and Department of Treasury/IRS.

    Cryptzone will look to integrate HiSoftware’s advanced suite of solutions, including its Compliance Sheriff Web, Security Sheriff and Site Sheriff products, into the company’s existing product set.  This will provide expanded and unique capabilities that will allow the company to deliver powerful security that protects enterprise information assets, corporate applications, and other network resources for customers around the globe. HiSoftware’s compliance product allows enterprises and government agencies to validate compliance of internal and external website content against predefined and user-defined policies, including HIPAA, FISMA, WCAG, US Section 508, and GLBA. The company also specializes in delivering content security and site management solutions within Microsoft SharePoint, a business collaboration platform utilized by more than 80 percent of the Fortune 500, and other unstructured collaborative environments.

  • Cryptzone, a provider of dynamic, context-aware network, application and content security solutions, today announced its enhanced offerings for Microsoft Azure at this week’s Ignite conference. Cryptzone is rolling out support for Azure across its cybersecurity solutions, including AppGate Secure Access and HiSoftware Security Sheriff for Office 365, ensuring the same multi-layered and tailored security for sensitive information whether in the cloud or on-premises.
  • Cryptzone, a provider of dynamic, context-aware network, application and content security solutions, today announced the release of the new Security Sheriff Site Module. This release adds new capabilities for encrypting, controlling and emailing sensitive SharePoint data using Microsoft RMS.

  • Cryptzone, a provider of dynamic, context-aware security software, today announced a native integration between the company's Security Sheriff product and Microsoft's new Azure Information Protection (AIP) offering. The integrated solution allows for dynamic protection of documents across their lifecycle. Cryptzone will be demonstrating the integrated solution this week at the Microsoft Igniteconference (Booth 2030) in Atlanta, GA.

  • Last November, I got the opportunity to work with Microsoft to gain insight and understanding into what the ideal cloud solution would look like from the eyes of the CXO. During last year's European SharePoint Conference's CIO Summit, a select number of CIOs participated in a full-day event focused on discussing the future of cloud and hybrid. At the end of an action-packed day, we asked the CXOs to divide up into working groups of four and design for us their ideal cloud solution.

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