Myrtle Beach, SC

September 14-17, 2020

Marriott Resort at Grande Dunes

Why Stay at the Conference Hotel?

Why Stay at the Conference Hotel?

The wonderful thing about attending a conference – and something you cannot get from online training – is total immersion. Many of the most valuable things you will learn will be from other attendees or expert speakers that you meet during breaks, in the evenings in the lobby, or at the bar.

Staying off campus may save you a few dollars or get you some reward points, but you are shortchanging yourself on the conference experience. We all have e-mail to check and work that keeps on going in between the classes and exhibits and activities at the event – why pile on walking or driving to and from the event each night to sleep?

Here are five good reasons to stay with us:

  1. Immersion. SPTechCon selects the Conference hotel based partially on it’s ability to create an enveloping experience, where the majority of the people around are people who do what you do and who are facing the same challenges.
  2. Cost. We get low special conference rates and there are no extra expenses associated with taking cabs back and forth to the conference or hassles like walking through a downpour or high heat and humidity.
  3. Contacts. The speakers and heavy hitters are all staying at the conference hotel and it’s easy to hang out and meet with them and all of the other attendees informally and discuss your biggest challenges. You’ll learn a lot more and perhaps make some valuable industry contacts.
  4. Convenience. It’s easy to offload heavy literature in your room, retrieve a business card before an unexpected meeting, change you shirt that just got a big spot of mustard on it, make a quiet phone call or even take a quick power nap. Plus, there’s always a charging outlet available up in your room.
  5. Comfort. Staying in the conference hotel is fun. You’ll feel a part of the action a part of the industry and a part of a bigger whole. You’re already standing by the edge of the pool - Dive in!!

One more thing! Book your hotel room EARLY. The room-blocks set aside for the conference often do sell out and the conference discounted rate expires.
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