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3 Simple Ways to Start Building Better SharePoint Business Apps

3 Simple Ways to Start Building Better SharePoint Business Apps

by: TechnologyAdvice



When a company begins looking into third-party business applications to integrate within their SharePoint environments, what should they look for? How can such companies best prepare themselves for the future of their company while also meeting their business's present needs and challenges?

Aaron Ellazar shared answers to these questions during his recent visit to SPTechCon. As the events manager for K2, a business platform for building and running business applications, he has first-hand insight into the challenges businesses face in implementation, as well as the best solutions for those challenges.



Ellazar relayed that 65 percent of K2's customers look to third-party business applications to "make their SharePoint implementation a success.? By working through countless implementation projects, Ellazar's team has identified a variety of key considerations for the best possible experience.

Here's a few:

Easy Tools

One of the keys to success for better business apps in a SharePoint environment is ease of use. Such applications should be built with the basic business user in mind, even going so far as to incorporate their feedback while the app is being constructed. Such SharePoint integrations should be useable by the least technically minded person in the company, as well as the most technically minded. That focus on quality user experience must be consistent throughout, whether the user will be primarily using SharePoint for project management, cloud storage, file sharing, business intelligence, or any combination or purposes.



Vendors with SharePoint Experience

When a company runs into issues with their third-party business application during SharePoint integrations, they'll want to turn to someone with deep knowledge of the platform. By seeking out and hiring an experienced business app developer, a company can rest assured that any problems they may encounter can be fixed by a quick call or email to a knowledgeable developer. It may be a substantial investment on the front-end, but it's a smart investment for long-term peace-of-mind.


While no business technology is completely future-proof, a company should always consider its future needs and possible technology requirements when hiring a third-party developer. Technology changes rapidly, and businesses may pivot their missions. Both instances require technology and developers that can likewise change. Again, investing in experienced developers and the right kind of technological foundation pays off in the long run.

For more strategies on building better business apps, check out K2's white paper on "The Six Tips to Building Better Business Apps and SharePoint.? To hear more of Ellazar's thoughts on business app development and SharePoint integration, listen to the full TechnologyAdvice interview.

This interview was provided by SPTechCon media partner TechnologyAdvice, an Inc. 5000 company that is dedicated to educating, advising, and connecting the buyers and sellers of business technology. Interview conducted by Clark Buckner.

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