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Akumina updates Interchange for SharePoint user experience

Akumina updates Interchange for SharePoint user experience

by: David Rubinstein

Akumina today announced the availability of Interchange 2.5, its platform for providing better user experiences with SharePoint, with improved content authoring, site-management and workflow capabilities.

In the version 2.5 release, Akumina is focused on "trying to augment the typical SharePoint approach to libraries,? Greg Clukey, director of product management at Akumina, told SPTechReport. New Interchange user controls present a document library tree of folders that enable users to go directly to the level they need without pushing down through the entire library to get there.

Further, the update allows users to search all files in a library, or just their own files, or the most recently used or viewed, or the most popular, Clukey said. Further, the files can be filtered by date, whom they were modified by, or the type of files being sought.

"We wanted the document display to be simpler and more manageable,? he added. "The idea is to help people get to the files they want faster.?

Akumina relied on customer and partner feedback for changes to the platform, and among the concerns it addresses in this release is the problem of people putting documents in a library but failing to check them in, resulting in a document that others can't see or use.

The new controls allow users to drag and drop files into a library, but immediately prompt them for metadata such as the category the document falls under, and the expiration date. After providing that information, the user is then prompted to check in, which results in a file added to the library that contains metadata and the required fields, and is available for others to see, Clukey explained.

"SharePoint uses the same page for everything...delivering content, adding Web parts, etc. We're separating that out through different experiences,? he said. "It's how we support mobile, for instance.?

Akumina today also released a reference implementation of an intranet site called Ignite. It also can be used as a "starter site? upon which subscribers can build out more complex intranet solutions. Ignite demonstrates how Akumina's control apps, content apps and admin apps can be used by different organization members.

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