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All about the Content Search Web Part

All about the Content Search Web Part

by: David Rubinstein

At our SPTechCon events, attendees can't get enough good information and instruction regarding the CSWP: Content Search Web Part. This, in short, enables the display of search results in ways that you want it presented through the use of templates. But that doesn't even really scratch the surface on how it can be used.

One of our most popular SPTechCon speakers, Sean McDonough, has put together nearly 40 minutes of video material on the subject, based on his presentation at our recently concluded Austin conference, and he's included some material that he couldn't fit into the 75-minute session.

Part of the reason Sean did this was because his demos failed "due to some extremely odd technical circumstances,? he wrote in the introduction to the videos. The bigger part of the reason is that he (like almost all lecturers and instructors in the SharePoint space) simply want to impart their knowledge to folks who can benefit from it. That's part of what makes this the most unique community of givers we've come across in conference land.

So, Sean's presentation can be found here. Enjoy! Learn!

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