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Announcing Kintivo Cart for SharePoint Online

Announcing Kintivo Cart for SharePoint Online

by: Kintivo 14 May 2018

Add a shopping cart, storefront and checkout experience to your SharePoint Online (Office 365).

This is kind of a big deal.  Your staff or contractors can order supplies by adding items to a shopping cart and clicking through a checkout process that you get to control – all within your own SharePoint Online. 

You can allow the checkout process to skip the payment step completely and use customizable “cost centers” for billing or enable secure credit card payments.

Leverage cost center and business unit billing options to track orders and budget by department.

Control inventory, issue discount codes and gift cards, manage and process orders, and stop the pain and suffering associated with using emails and spreadsheets as your “internal Amazon”.

Need a better way for staff or contractors to order supplies? 

Consider adding a storefront, shopping cart and checkout process to your SharePoint Online.

Organizations using SharePoint Online can now enable a fully equipped cart, checkout and order processing experience. 

Kintivo Cart for SharePoint Online comes with multiple product display options, add-to-cart buttons and a customizable checkout experience. 

All data is stored in YOUR SharePoint Online environment via familiar SharePoint Lists.  This means you can harness the capabilities of SharePoint Online Lists as needed, such as using Flows/Workflows to automate your specific business processes or exporting orders to Excel and setting up email notifications. 

Kintivo Shopping Cart

Allow the checkout process to require a cost center selection, completely skip the payment step, or enable secure (PCI Compliant) credit card payments.

Optional order notes and “need by date” can be added with each order, making it easy to communicate specific order details.

Issue gift cards which are honored at time of checkout and automatically tracked for the Store Manager’s convenience. 

Customizable Product Categories coupled with the searchable store front makes it quick and easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

View product summaries, or drill in to see in-depth product details.

Kintivo SharePoint

Save your cart for later and place your order when you’re ready.

Personalized address books add familiarity and simplicity to the checkout process. 

A printable order confirmation page details everything about the order. 

Users will appreciate the ability to view their order history and print out specific orders at any time. 

Managing orders is also straight-forward, allowing Store Managers to focus on quickly viewing and processing new orders. 

It’s a one-stop-shop for Store Managers to locate and update orders, even in bulk - quickly, easily, and without a fuss. 

Working with products and product categories is as simple as adding items to a list. 

Enable a fully equipped cart with checkout and order processing using Kintivo Cart for SharePoint Online.

Watch this video to learn more and request a complimentary online demonstration where a real person will answer all your questions. 



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