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Apttus launches the X-Author for Excel partner program

Apttus launches the X-Author for Excel partner program

by: SPTechCon Newswire
Apttus, the category-defining Quote-to-Cash solution provider, announced today the formal launch of its X-Author for Excel Partner Program. The program will provide participating organizations of all size and industry-type with the support and service required to sell the Apttus X-Author for Excel solution directly to their own customers. This functionality will not only open additional streams of revenue for Apttus partners, but also diversify the overall business needs they can address. In addition to these tangible business enhancements, participants will significantly increase Salesforce user adoption and usage throughout their customer base, contributing to an overall increase in efficiency and effectiveness of their own solutions.

X-Author for Excel transforms Microsoft Excel from a standalone desktop tool into a native UI for Salesforce and is applicable across all industry verticals and functions. For business tasks such as mass data manipulation and financial modeling, many users are accustomed to the multi-row, multi-tasking experience provided by Excel, often eschewing the utility and innovation of the Salesforce platform. Implementation of X-Author for Excel integrates the data, controls, permissions, and routing of Salesforce with the familiar user experience of Excel. With X-Author for Excel, data manipulation can be completed in one percent of the time that it would take in the traditional browser UI. X-Author technology is also transforming data migration, moving data between orgs 80 percent faster than comparable tools.

The introduction of the X-Author for Excel Partner Program allows Apttus customers to bring these innovations to their own user base. More information on the solution's functionality and usage can be found on X-Author.com. Specific questions can be answered by emailing XApartners@apttus.com

More benefits of participation in the Apttus X-Author for Excel Partner Program include:

  • Recurring subscription revenue via selling shrink-wrapped X-Author for Excel Apps and associated support directly to their customers and to Salesforce customers generally via the X-Author for Excel Marketplace
  • Generating additional services revenues for X-Author for Excel implementation, training, Salesforce configuration, custom app creation and other Salesforce consulting services, all provided directly to their own clients
  • Streaming opportunities: Apttus will forward requests for X-Author for Excel implementation, training, and Apps creation to partners commensurate with partner level and performance
  • Solving customer Salesforce adoption and usage issues in completely new ways
  • Introducing faster ways to migrate data between Salesforce organizations
  • Providing ISVs the capability to bundle or OEM X-Author for Excel with their existing offerings
  • Collecting referral and bonus fees of X-Author license sales, including the green field opportunities outside of the Salesforce ecosystem

"Statera is very excited about our partnership with Apttus X-Author for Excel. The game changing capabilities of X-Author for Excel provide a powerful solution to unify the capabilities of Salesforce.com, Apttus solutions, and Microsoft Excel,? said Brad Weydert, president at Statera. "Statera's Professional Services Team is leveraging this solution for more efficient data migration and deployment activities, validated and quick mass record updates, and complex computational inputs within the context of a deal ? all without heavy IT involvement or custom development.?

"X-Author value for end users and administrators speaks for itself, both empowering sales process and tying them to the versatility of the Salesforce platform,? said Boaz Meridor, chief executive officer at ManofIT. "We're excited to be a foundational member of its associated Partner Program, bringing speed, efficiency, and utility to our entire customer base.?

"Developing a Partner Program for X-Author for Excel is a significant milestone for what is already a revolutionary solution,? said Jules Ehrlich, vice president of advanced solutions at Apttus. "Every organization that operates on the Salesforce platform can benefit from providing such an effective and useful tool to their customers and end users.?

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