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AvePoint releases DocAve 6 for all SharePoint versions

AvePoint releases DocAve 6 for all SharePoint versions

by: David Rubinstein

AvePoint last week released an update to its DocAve administration suite for SharePoint, OneDrive and Office 365 with support for all SharePoint versions, including SharePoint 2016.

John Peluso, senior vice president of product strategy at AvePoint, described SharePoint 2016 as "2013 with some of the functionality that was relevant and innovated on in Office 365 brought down.? It's this hybrid nature of SharePoint 2016 that Peluso said is "a good bridge to move to Office 365, or a path to get new functionality (built first for the cloud) on-premises.?

Because AvePoint's platform can manage installations from SharePoint 2010 through 2016 and SharePoint Online, customers looking to migrate their environments have a direct path to a newer version. Further, they can manage their cloud-based or hybrid installations with as much control as they would have over their on-premises servers, he said.

Addressing what he liked most about last week's Microsoft announcements regarding SharePoint, Peluso said, "Like everyone else, the fact there is a version for 2016 on-premises.?

He went on to say the user experience improvements were important. "If SharePoint had an Achilles heel, the UX was it. The work they're doing in UX and the mobile experience makes SharePoint a modern solution? that people will be more eager to adopt.

"The key for us,? he added, "is that we're focusing on the new capabilities, and we feel confident about the commitment (to SharePoint) from Microsoft.?

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