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Beezy announces publication of Microsoft Graph case study

Beezy announces publication of Microsoft Graph case study

by: SPTechCon Newswire

Beezy Inc., the premier enterprise collaboration solution for Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365, is pleased to announce the publication of a new case study highlighting the company's integration with the Microsoft Graph as part of Microsoft's betterwith.office.com website. The Microsoft Graph uses machine-learning to identify connections between user profiles, social network activity, content, and other data sources and hen provides relevant, timely, and contextual data for the end user based on those connections. The case study highlights the innovative ways that Beezy leverages the Microsoft Graph to better surface content, conversations, and connections within SharePoint, turning the collective intelligence captured by the platform into timely and relevant organizational knowledge. The end result is a more contextual and intuitive platform, with productive and engaged end users.

The blog post and case study can be found athttp://betterwith.office.com/Beezy_and_Office_MicrosoftGraph

"The 'Better with Office' website is a showcase of some of the leading-edge solutions within the Microsoft partner community, and we are excited to have Beezy highlighted on the site," shared Beezy CEO Jordi Plana. "The Microsoft Graph is an important part of our technology roadmap, helping us bring machine learning to end users and to power a more intelligent workplace."

While the Beezy solutions supports SharePoint customers in both on-premises and online environments, the Microsoft Graph requires use of Office 365 and SharePoint Online.

A video demonstrating some of these Beezy innovation can be found at http://hubs.ly/H048stb0

As demonstrated in the Beezy case study and related video, customers will benefit from the following integrations:

- Ultra-fast mentions: Every time a user adds an @ mention, the system will suggest the names of the co-workers you interact with the most.
- Discovery cards: Within the stream of an activity feed, the user will see recommendations for Communities to join based on their profile and activities, or People they may be interested in following. Both recommendations are leveraging the "Working with?? API method of the Office Graph mixed with some business logic coming from Beezy.
- Questions routing: Users will see when a close colleague answers a question, and will then have the ability to post an answer. By routing this Q&A to other people with similar skills and network proximity to the first respondent, Beezy dramatically increases the quality of the overall answers.
- Recommended skills & expertise: When Beezy detects that a close co-worker has updated their profile skills, it sends a suggestion to a user's feed and asks whether they would also like to add this skill, helping improve the quality of the user's profile.

According to Plana, "These Microsoft Graph integrations are just the beginning of the innovations what we have in store for our customers this year. We're excited by the continued growth and success of SharePoint, both on-prem and online, and will continue to work closely with Microsoft to innovate."

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