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Beezy announces two-way integration between Yammer and SharePoint

Beezy announces two-way integration between Yammer and SharePoint

by: SPTechCon Newswire

Beezy Inc., the most comprehensive enterprise collaboration solution for Office 365 and SharePoint, today announced the general availability of the first seamless integration between Yammer and the award-winning Beezy enterprise collaboration solution. Using Beezy, community activity within Yammer is now visible and interactive in SharePoint, and likewise, all social activity in SharePoint can be visible within the Yammer newsfeed, allowing organizations to leverage their social investments across both Yammer and SharePoint.

"Since the Yammer acquisition 3 years ago, Microsoft's answer to integrating Yammer and SharePoint has been a manual process to embed feeds, which leaves a huge disconnect between the technologies. Beezy now fills that huge gap, dramatically improving the user experience," stated Beezy founder and CEO, Jordi Plana. "Additionally, Yammer lacks many of the essential collaboration capabilities that customers need, such as wikis, blogs, polling, Q&A, and other capability. With this integration, Beezy provides the most seamless experience between Yammer communities and these rich social capabilities."

As a native SharePoint and Office 365 solution, Beezy displays all of your existing Yammer data within SharePoint, whether online and on prem, through the Beezy UI. Additionally, Beezy enriches the Yammer experience with additional enterprise collaboration capabilities (wikis, blogs, Q&A, Town Hall, etc.). The result is a truly integrated experience, leveraging the strengths of each platform.

With the new Beezy integration, all content and conversations within existing Yammer communities are displayed within SharePoint through Beezy�s UI without having to perform a migration of these Yammer communities. Organizations can choose to continue using these communities, as all new activities created in Yammer (updates, comments, likes, praises, polls, documents, etc.) will be displayed in SharePoint through Beezy�s newsfeed. Likewise, new activities in Beezy (updates, comments, likes, praises, polls, documents, wikis, blogs, Q&A, Ideation, Town Hall, etc.) will also be displayed in the Yammer newsfeed.

"This integration of Yammer and Beezy really is the best of both worlds," commented Beezy product lead, Maximo Castagno. "Customers use Yammer because it is quick and easy to create and manage communities, whether internally or externally. Beezy allows customers to connect their Yammer communities with SharePoint, aligning their social activities with their core business processes. And that's where organizations start to see the real business value in social."

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