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Behind-the-Scenes Insights from SPTechCon 2015

Behind-the-Scenes Insights from SPTechCon 2015

by: TechnologyAdvice

SPTechCon 2015 wrapped up a month ago, and those of us who were there are still processing the insights we had at the live event in Boston.

If you didn't make it this year - and even if you did - we'd like to invite you to experience some of the energy at the conference.

There were so many brilliant and inspiring people - attendees, presenters, and sponsors - gathered in one place. The collective energy of the group could be felt in the opera house seats, in the lobby, at the meals, and at the parties.

Listen below to a TechnologyAdvice interview featuring SPTechCon 2015 presenters, attendees, and sponsors. Hear their favorite takeaways below. And read on for the most compelling quotes we heard.


Asif Rehmani, on why people are hesitant to go completely to the cloud:

"The desire to always have your laptop with you is similar to people's fear of going completely to cloud storage. That's human nature. You want to be able to access documents directly on it on a plane, for example. Fifty years from now, that mentality might change.?

Benjamin Niaulin, on Slack and SharePoint living together:

"If you're working from Slack and building a document and sharing it in Sharepoint - that can be OK. At the end of the day, it's about doing our jobs. It looks like Office 365 Groups might be something similar to Slack anyway.?

James Newman, on the future of Sharepoint training:

"It feels like there's an evolution happening. Are we providing the right training skills to prepare them for the workplace? There's recognition for a lot of companies, they need to develop the accessibility to train. The speed with which things are changing is huge. Given shorter attention spans - people need the full range of training and they need it in bite-sized chunks, too.?

Edmund White, on some really creative Sharepoint implementations:

"We've developed two platforms. One is called Podium and provides a live stream presentation embedded within Sharepoint. City of Newton, Mass. is using it for their town hall meetings. They have a social component as well and can have more transparent interactions. The second is E311 and it allows people to take pictures of potholes, see an update on the status, and know when it's completed.?

Eric Darbe, on Microsoft transitioning from on-premise to the cloud:

"We're all trying to figure out what Microsoft gives us. Now I'm not sure whether we're a provider-hosted app or a provider-hosted add-on. Microsoft is obviously in transition as a company, thinking about Sharepoint, Office365, that's the thing that changes the most. Over time I often see the people don't change as much as what we're all talking about.?

Scott Harvey, on implementing Sharepoint:

"What you've seen recently is most organizations have run most cost savings out of their back office and now they're looking to things that are forward facing. For example, an onboarding process that's automated. Being able to do that easily and economically is key. That's being validated by the Gartner and Forrester.?

Amy Costello, on getting everyone in your company using Sharepoint:

"One of the biggest challenges we're seeing comes down to non-technical people using Sharepoint. How do you make it something people want to interact with? That's what we're trying to do. If you can click a mouse then you can use this thing.?

Hannah O'Donnell, on integrating with the latest and greatest:

"Right now the big push is Sharepoint 2016 on-prem and Office 365. Our project management team is porting our existing products to Office 365, then we'll port that to Sharepoint 2016 on-prem.?

Brian Prigge, on live-streaming an event like SPTechCon:

"When you talk about CEO town halls and thousands watching at the same time, video is huge over the network. We've developed a "popemobile? model that casts in packets and allows the network to see what's in it. The biggest challenge has been bandwidth for delivery - and we've solved that.?

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