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Colligo updates Engage, extends apps to new targets

Colligo updates Engage, extends apps to new targets

by: David Rubinstein

Colligo yesterday announced two new cross-platform applications and an update to its Engage platform to enable better data synchronization and content management for SharePoint and Exchange.

Launched a year ago, Engage has three components: an Azure service for deploying content and policies, a sync engine that underpins all apps build on the platform, and what Colligo CEO Barry Jinks called "purposeful? apps that have great user experiences and are governed by the enterprise.

"We want to encourage developers to build on top of our platform,? he said. "In the spring, we'll be delivering an SDK to take advantage of the sync engine and management.?

Two new applications in this release are Email Manager for iOS (there already had been a Windows version: Email Manager for Outlook) and Briefcase for Android, a document distribution and collaboration facilitator that already had existed for iOS, OS X and Windows, Jinks said. The Email Manager for iOS enables the filing and sorting of e-mails on SharePoint/Office 365 running on Apple devices. There also is a new version of Email Manager for Windows that includes the updated data synchronization technology, which he described as the company's core technology.

Changes to the sync engine include the ability to connect into the Colligo Console Azure service for central management of applications and reporting; it is now multi-platform, so an update to the sync engine will automatically be delivered across all platforms; it is built on more modern technology for speed and versatility; and it is architected for multiple back-end repositories, Jinks said. He explained that the first back end has been SharePoint, and for this release, a connector for Exchange has been built.

The new software is currently in the hands of select customers in a trial phase; Jinks expects general availability to be made in Q1 of next year .

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