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Content Panda launches in-context help and training for Office 365 and SharePoint

Content Panda launches in-context help and training for Office 365 and SharePoint

by: SPTechCon Newswire

Panda Works Inc., a startup formed by a trio of SharePoint veterans to create robust SaaS solutions for the enterprise with a focus on the Microsoft stack announced today the availability of its featured solution, Content Panda, a free in-context help and training platform for Office 365 and SharePoint.

Content Panda was born from a belief that the optimal way to solve problems is to have on-demand access to the most relevant and curated help content available at your fingertips when you need it. Content Panda does the heavy lifting behind the scenes to bring the wisdom of thousands of experts worldwide to every user, with the tap of a finger or a click of a mouse.

"In all my years working with SharePoint, I've seen this same scenario time after time-people want to get something done, but they don't know how to fill in the blank of 'how do I...' They're left to submitting support tickets, searching the web for answers, or just giving up. Content Panda bridges this gap by connecting people directly to common questions the moment they need guidance," said Simeon Cathey, CEO/Co-Founder, Content Panda.

Created by SharePoint industry veterans Simeon Cathey, Heather Newman, and Michael Thompson,
the free version of Content Panda is now available for Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint 2013 online at http://www.contentpanda.com/get-�?panda/.Content Panda is a Microsoft partner and is eager to share this solution with the Office 365 and SharePoint ecosystem.

"The Microsoft Office 365 team is dedicated to helping its partners bring their solutions to market to help drive adoption of the Office 365 platform within the enterprise," said Chris Johnson, Group Product
Manager, Microsoft Office Division. "We want all of our users to have the best experience possible and continue to realize all that Office 365 has to offer. Content Panda's unique focus on providing free help content directly in Office 365 brings a new element to the user experience.?

Content Panda's simple user interface is comprised of the following:
? A written description of the selected SharePoint item
? Curated links to relevant content from industry experts, including Office 365 and SharePoint content powerhouse IT Unity (ITUnity.com)
? Contextual search results from predefined keywords
? Hand-�?picked training and informational videos from across the web

Content Panda has created a strategic partnership with the Office 365 and SharePoint

content and community site IT Unity to bring its curated, trusted content directly into Content Panda. Future versions of Content Panda will feature specialized and premium content updates from IT Unity. IT Unity revolutionizes the way technical content is created, customized, and consumed by engaging the community of trusted experts, users, business decision makers, IT professionals, developers, and industry solution providers to solve business problems with technology.

"IT Unity is thrilled to join forces with Content Panda to bring our curated Office 365 and SharePoint author's content directly into the software to help drive Office 365 adoption and give users what they need at their fingertips,? said Dan Holme, Office 365 MVP and CEO/Co-founder, IT Unity. "Working with long time colleagues as we all are bringing new ideas and products to market makes for an exciting time. We have the opportunity to help customers succeed and our community to be stronger than ever.?

Coming soon, Content Panda Professional, the premium version of the platform, is fully customizable, allowing customers to add in their own knowledgebase, favorite content provider, content tagging and organization. Content Panda Professional also provides customers rich usage, user tracking, and usage auditing for their Office 365 instances. For more information, contact info@contentpanda.com

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