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Dig into Microsoft’s easy-to-use AI offerings with the Table of Azure Cognitive Services

Dig into Microsoft’s easy-to-use AI offerings with the Table of Azure Cognitive Services

by: Matt Wade, VP of Client Engagement, AtBot 01 Feb 2019

The Microsoft Cloud offers a wide array of artificial intelligence services that are just itching to be put to work within your everyday business flows. If you’re new to Microsoft’s AI paradigm, you’ll want to check out the best tool for understanding all the new Azure services, how they relate to each other, and what they do.


Brought to you by Microsoft AI MVP Stephan Bisser and the guys behind the Periodic Table of Office 365, the Table of Azure Cognitive Services is sure to be your go-to resource for understanding what Azure can do for you in the realm of automating actions thought performable by a human only a couple years ago.


Azure brings right to your fingertips—in an affordable and easy-to-use way—skills once thought impossible for an everyday enterprise to apply when automating business process, understanding language input, hopping the hurdle of multilingual support, auto-querying search engines, and turning knowledge management on its head.


Out of the box, Azure can pull search results automatically as part of your favorite app’s built-in functions, then do a quick facial recognition comparison of two images, answer some FAQ questions for your customers, parse a natural language request to a bot into the data necessary to, say, request vacation time off, and respond back to your latest tech support telephone call by translating the written standard operating procedure into speech. All in the same cloud. All for pennies per transaction.


The future is here and it rests in how humans are beginning to rely on artificial intelligence to accept and respond to information in a natural human way, predicting what comes next, and simplifying how mankind interacts with machine. Get started today by visiting the easiest-to-understand guide on this new suite of tools.


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