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Five Benefits of Workplace Gamification

Five Benefits of Workplace Gamification

by: Intlock 17 Jul 2018

Gamification is a hot topic these days. Understanding how incorporating gamification can increase your company’s potential for growth is crucial for staying competitive in today’s market.

Benefits of Gamification for Intranets:

1.     Drive Employee Engagement

By gamifying your company’s internal portal, your employees will see how they stack up against their colleagues. Knowing where they stand against their peers can ignite friendly competition in the workplace which will increase portal usage.

2.     Motivate Employees

A significant advantage of gamification is rewarding and recognizing your employees on the platform. By using the leaderboard to acknowledge your employees’ hard work, they will feel appreciated and motivated to work even harder.

3.     Increase Adoption

Many company portals are underutilized. Gamification is a way to encourage employees to use the portal, which will increase your company’s efficiency by enhancing internal communication and feedback.

4.     Excite Users

Employees feel a lot of stress and pressure at work. Introducing gamification will create a more fun and relaxed working environment.

5.     Improve Performance

By providing your employees with real-time feedback on how they can increase their score, employees will know the next steps they need to take to achieve their goals.

Workplace Gamification Intlock

Finding the right gamification system for your company can be challenging. One option is GAMIFY. It integrates with your SharePoint or Office 365 portal to display powerful metrics, badges, scores and achievements to your end-users. GAMIFY’s engagement technology motivates users by allowing them to see how they compare to their peers and recognizes strong performers for their hard work.

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