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Four ways analytics ease your SharePoint migration

Four ways analytics ease your SharePoint migration

by: Marlee Long 03 Mar 2019

Your organization has finally made the decision to make the big leap, to migrate from one version of SharePoint to the next best thing. As daunting of a task as this may sound, there are a variety of resources and tools that can assist your organization in this process.

By taking this task head on, with knowledge of management and control under your belt, you can work to ensure a successful migration. You've probably considered a number of third-party tools that can physically migrate all of the information for you. But have you considered how analytics can help you to ease your migration process? Whether you're already implementing a high-quality analytics tool, or are considering one in the future, here are four things you should know about how analytics can ease your SharePoint migration process.

Generating analytics reports can help you to identify unused content. You may ask yourself why unused content is important during the migration process. First, being able to identify unused content is helpful for discovering hundreds to thousands of site collections that have not been accessed. Thus, you can minimize the number of sites you migrate. This can simplify your migration and help organize your portal once the process is over.

These kinds of reports are also useful for having a fully optimized portal once your migration is complete.

Navigation reports can assist you in understanding how to optimize your home pages. Have you considered whether you will use the same navigation bar that was used in the previous version of SharePoint? If not, a navigation report can easily tell you which links and buttons people are clicking on, and which ones they aren't. With this kind of critical information, you can enhance your home pages so that they're as relevant for your users as possible.

Generating usage trends reports can be vital to understanding the effectiveness of your migration. Have you thought about how you will monitor multiple environments during the actual migration process? With analytics, you can do exactly that. By generating usage trends reports, you can have insights into the usage trends of Farm A vs. Farm B. A high-quality analytics solution that enables you to monitor multiple environments at the same time can allow you to infer whether usage trends are increasing, staying the same, or declining in your new version of SharePoint. This is vital to understanding whether your new version is optimized and relevant for your users.

A surveying tool gives you first-hand knowledge of your users' experiences. A surveying tool is vital for understanding users' challenges. What do they need from the portal? What kind of features would they benefit from in the new version? By implementing a surveying tool, you can collect real-time feedback from users as they experience SharePoint.

Marlee Long is the Marketing Manager at Intlock, developer of CardioLog Analytics, a leading Web Analytics program designed for SharePoint intranet, Internet and extranet sites. 

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