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Free version of mobile SharePoint framework puts developers first

Free version of mobile SharePoint framework puts developers first

by: SPTechCon Newswire

H3 Solutions, Inc. announced today the availability of free developer licenses for their mobile SharePoint solution, Mobile Entr�e. This accompanies the announcement of new subscription licensing for Mobile Entr�e, as the industry moves away from perpetual licenses. The founders of H3 Solutions have deep roots in the SharePoint development community, and want to offer their framework, free of charge, to the over 3.4 million developers worldwide who already recognize the extensibility of SharePoint.

Mobility in SharePoint has always been a wild card with many different approaches to solve the issue. From commercial or custom phone apps to responsive design, there hasn't been a definitive answer to the question "How do I make my SharePoint solution mobile friendly?. Mobile Entr�e answers this question with the most robust and tightly integrated framework for building mobile web apps around all types of SharePoint solutions. With these new, free licenses, SharePoint developers can build, test and market their mobile solutions without having to spend a dime.

"We are excited to get more SharePoint developers into the mobile scene.? said Joe Herres, Executive Vice President of product. "With the barrier to entry almost completely removed, we look forward to seeing what great solutions will be built leveraging our framework.?

Ready to dive in? Download your free developer version today for SharePoint 2010 or 2013: http://www.mobileentree.com/download/

Follow our Developer blog for code samples and great tips on developing with the Mobile Entr�e framework http://www.mobileentree.com/blog/category/development/

For more information about the new licensing, read our blog on the Mobile Entr�e website: http://www.mobileentree.com/blog/wouldnt-like-develop-mobile-entree-free-new-licensing-policy/

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