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GB & Smith: Managing Permissions Across Platforms

GB & Smith: Managing Permissions Across Platforms

by: David Rubinstein

Security is a critical issue today. Yet for all the talk of dark ops, shadow ops and more, most data leaks occur because of poor access and sharing controls.

GB & Smith, which has offered user permission management controls in SAP, has made its first foray into the Microsoft space with 365 View. "We integrate our admin software into Office 365, Azure and SharePoint,? said Sean Ryer, lead Microsoft data solutions engineer at the company, which is expanding its presence in North America.

Ryer explained that 365 View is not identity and access management. "We deal with after the fact. Managing users across solutions ? SharePoint, Exchange, SAP, Oracle, VMware ? is a big challenge, and the greatest weakness to attack.?

In today's environments, when a company hires 10 new contracts in three divisions of its company, and they all need different access, "you have to navigate through so many windows, and it's very time-consuming,? Ryer said. The 365 View solutions presents a matrix, where managers can select users and solutions, and when they are linked, things such as inherited rights or explicitly granted rights will appear, and the manager will be flagged when a rule is being broken. For instance, an individual might not have been given access to certain data, yet is included in a new group that requires access. The tool will flag that, Ryer explained. "This lets users easily make changes.?

GB & Smith will be demonstrating its solution at SPTechCon Austin, April 2-5.

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