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Getting a Pulse on Office 365 Governance, Security, and Compliance

Getting a Pulse on Office 365 Governance, Security, and Compliance

by: Christian Buckley 24 Jul 2018

As organizations move systems and processes from predominantly on-premises environments to cloud-based applications and platforms, they often fail to fully understand the impacts these changes have on their existing processes and IT operations. For example, your legacy administration tools may offer an “upgrade” to the vendor’s cloud version, yet it lacks feature parity. Reporting and executive dashboards may require an overhaul, as your new SaaS platform does not provide the same level of granularity as your legacy system.

Future planning requires a thorough understanding of what is in place today. Creating a baseline of your current systems is an important aspect to tracking the success of any future changes – and it should include comparison data from other organizations in the community, and within your industry. On the topics of governance, security, and compliance, that’s exactly what we’re trying to provide: a baseline for Office 365 customers.

In our latest research, CollabTalk LLC (www.collabtalk.com) is conducting two separate but related studies that will help organizations better assess where they are today, understand the gaps in their future planning, and, hopefully, accelerate their move toward the cloud (with stronger governance, security, and compliance).

The first of these projects is entitled ‘Improving Governance in Office 365’ and it focuses on how organizations view governance (especially as systems move from on-premises to the cloud), their overall organizational readiness, and the known and unknown governance gaps in managing Office 365.

The second project is entitled ‘Organizational Security and Compliance Practices for Office 365’ and it seeks to examine how organizations are running security and compliance today, how the evolving patterns of end user and team collaboration may be increasing their risk, and the security and compliance gaps in business processes and technologies used.

While research is underway for both projects, we are working with SPTechCon to conduct a quick “pulse” survey to capture a snapshot of data across both projects – and we’d love your participation!

This short survey is completely anonymous, and the results will be shared in a future blog post.

Pulse on Office 365 Governance Security and Compliance Survey


If you are interested in participating in the broader studies being conducted by CollabTalk and the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University, you can complete one or both of the surveys as follows:

Improving Governance in Office 365 -- http://bit.ly/O365governance

Organizational Security and Compliance Practices for Office 365 -- http://bit.ly/O365compliance

Once again, all responses are anonymous, and no personal information is captured or tracked. We appreciate your support on these important initiatives, and look forward to sharing the results with the community in the coming weeks!


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