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Have a plan for video

Have a plan for video

by: Brian Prigge

SPTechCon Boston was another great week of sessions, panels, and exhibit hall attractions. One major change to the conference this year was the addition of video. From Office Video Portal demos in the Microsoft keynote, to the streaming of all main stage sessions, it was clear that video has arrived in the SharePoint space.

In the Microsoft keynote session, Mark Kashman, senior product manager at Microsoft, went through some updates coming in SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint Online. He went into a deep dive on the Office Video Portal, Microsoft's mobile-first, cloud-first video product available exclusively through Office 365 that was released in the first half of this year.

He explained that the first update to this product was rolling out through the second half of the year. He showed progress that the solution had made in terms of being able to embed videos. The solution's ability to display relevant content was also on display in the session. Notably missing from the Office Video Portal update was any integration with your existing SharePoint sites, as well as the ability to add custom metadata or report on your video content.

This year, the organizers of SPTechCon reached out to Ramp, a key conference sponsor and exhibitor based in Boston, to livestream all main stage sessions. With a team of three people onsite, the online video vendor livestreamed all the keynotes, lightning talks, and the popular "Ask The Experts? session. The streaming portion, powered by Ramp Video Live, was run entirely from SharePoint Online and made available to the public using Ramp public portal functionality. Over the course of four days of streaming, more than 200 people tuned in to learn about SharePoint.

With the emphasis on both Video-On-Demand in Office Video Portal and Live Video Streaming in Ramp at this year's conference, it is clear that video is not going away anytime soon. A key takeaway from the conference is to have a plan for video. With cloud storage and delivery optimization techniques, video does not have to be a scary proposition.

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