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Help going hybrid

Help going hybrid

by: David Rubinstein

For months now, Microsoft has acknowledged that a hybrid approach to SharePoint-running those apps that make sense in the cloud while retaining sensitive information on-premises-informs the future of the software.

This week, Microsoft Press has blogged about the availability of a free e-book, "Planning and Preparing for Microsoft SharePoint Hybrid,? that offers insight into setting up and managing the connection of on-premises SharePoint to the Office 365 and Azure clouds.

Of course, a key part of any hybrid installation is managing user identities. A great analysis of how to make sense of it was presented by SPTechCon speakers and SharePoint MVPs Jason Himmelstein and Todd Klindt of Rackspace in this video.

Hybrid is the foreseeable future of collaboration, so you'll need to get comfortable with it from the standpoints of administration and architecture.

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