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Here's an idea: Manage your team's ideas

Here's an idea: Manage your team's ideas

by: David Rubinstein

Ideas are the lifeblood of any organization. Companies that can't imagine new products, or new ways to work, will find it hard to compete in today's rapidly changing marketplaces.

But too often, ideas from low-level team members are not acted on. Either that person's voice isn't heard by people in the organization who can implement new ideas, or the company itself restricts its idea solicitation to higher-ups.

At Microsoft's WPC this week, enterprise collaboration solution provider Beezy introduced Idea Campaigns, an idea-management capability for SharePoint and Office 365. Looking a lot like the group sites and news feeds to which SharePoint users have become accustomed, Beezy's software serves as a way to both solicit ideas from every member of the team, and as a place for comments, suggestions and changes until the idea becomes something that can be implemented.

For instance, in a video demonstrating the product, someone is soliciting ideas for reducing an organization's carbon footprint, and ideas start populating the campaign page. Comments can be seen being added along with the ideas, and meetings are set up around the ideas.

From Beezy's announcement: "In today's fast-paced environment, organizations need to do a better job at fostering innovation. If not, they'll quickly become disrupted by newcomers. Innovation is everywhere in an organization, not just R&D,? said Maximo Castagno, Beezy's chief product officer. "To stay competitive, you need to empower every employee to share their knowledge and expertise, helping bridge the gap between what happens at the micro-level and what is important at the macro-level of the business. Our new Idea Campaign features can do this by turning SharePoint into an innovation engine."

Now isn't that an innovative idea?

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