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HiSoftware Site Sheriff Version 2.0 for SharePoint identity and access management is released

HiSoftware Site Sheriff Version 2.0 for SharePoint identity and access management is released

by: SPTechCon Newswire
Companies continue to leverage SharePoint for internal and external collaboration. As a result, site administrators face many challenges including how to control content access, foster user adoption, manage large lists and build non-employee portals. To address this challenge, HiSoftware Inc., a leading provider of compliance and security solutions and now a Cryptzone company , today announced the release of HiSoftware Site Sheriff v. 2.0 . The latest version provides new features including claims based permissions, identity management based on any user attribute database, geolocation and/or device properties, and integration with HiSoftware Security Sheriff to securely view and edit encrypted documents.


"Modern organizations need nimble, flexible approaches to identity and access management. Site Sheriff v. 2.0 enhances SharePoint security by adding a self-service claims provider and agentless decryption ? avoiding the need to deploy intricate identity managers or desktop software for optimized security solutions,? said Chris McNulty, HiSoftware's CTO.


New release offers enhanced options for permission and identity management in SharePoint
Site Sheriff leverages dynamic access, deny rules and an agentless secure viewer to allow a wide variety of secure sharing scenarios and keep confidential information in SharePoint without complex permissions. It uses business logic ? document metadata, user/device/location properties and more ? to create powerful rules that allow or deny access to selected content, or limits users to use a secure, clientless viewer. Using Site Sheriff, site administrators can adjust the user interface to trim ribbons and menus and remove selected options such as download a copy, email and editing properties without changing item permissions. Site Sheriff's fine grained security and identity-aware, metadata-driven access rules help organizations simplify site management and increase ROI.


Key features and capabilities of Site Sheriff v. 2.0 include:

  • Automatic claim permissions ? The new release offers the ability to create dynamic groups based on a claim stored in local column values. This simplifies how administrators define rights to documents for multiple projects.

  • User properties from any company database ? Administrators now have the flexibility to consume user properties from any corporate database or line-of-business source, beyond just Microsoft sources.

  • Device and location properties ? Access rules can now include values based on the browser, OS (i.e. iPad, Android, tablet or other mobile device), or country their device is running in to limit access and download capabilities. This is valuable for companies that have specific policies to prevent download on non-Windows devices or from within specific countries, a common requirement for International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and Export Administration Regulations (EAR) compliance.

  • Integration with HiSoftware Security Sheriff SP to provide agentless decryption ? HiSoftware's flagship enterprise solution, Security Sheriff SP allows a rules-based approach to rights management and document encryption. With Site Sheriff v. 2.0, selected users can be given rights to decrypt selected documents on the fly from the browser, without requiring pre-installation of a desktop client. For users with view-only rights, the encrypted document will be automatically opened in Site Sheriff's secure reader with a security watermark. If edits are required, documents are re-encrypted upon saving to maintain security.


"Site Sheriff's simple approach to managing access in SharePoint is resonating in the market. Since its initial release in May we've seen a rapid adoption rate and Site Sheriff was recently named a 2014 KMWorld Trend-Setting Product,? said CEO Kurt A. Mueffelmann. "Companies see the value Site Sheriff offers by leveraging dynamic access and business logic to manage complex sharing scenarios that aren't available out-of-the-box to ensure their confidential information stays that way.?


HiSoftware was recently acquired by Cryptzone, a global provider of data security and identity and access management (IAM) solutions. A Microsoft Gold Application Development Partner, HiSoftware provides content-aware solutions for managing SharePoint governance, compliance and security to leading global corporations across of broad range of industries, as well as public sector organizations including federal agencies, colleges and universities. HiSoftware Site Sheriff v. 2.0 is now available and more information, including trial details, can be found at: http://www.hisoftware.com/sitesheriff.


Site Sheriff demonstrations will be available on the HiSoftware booth (#404) in the exhibit hall at SPTechCon, September 18-19, 2014 in Boston, MA.

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