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Hold the Fries and the Shake!

Hold the Fries and the Shake!

by: Dori Albert 29 May 2019

Imagine that one day you are craving a burger so badly that if you don’t immediately go get one, you might just pass out or fall over and die. You need that burger.  So you sprint out the door to the closest burger joint to get that big, juicy burger.  You are starving for that burger, but as you’re still watching your weight, you will only allow yourself this one indulgence – just one burger today.  However, as you order your burger, the cashier tells you that you must buy the fries and shake, and she will pick the size for you.

You’re aggravated, but this burger is something you have to have. So you purchase the whole meal and end up spending double  what you had originally planned when you came to buy just a burger. As you get your meal – burger, fries, and shake – you feel obligated to eat it all, otherwise that would be a waste of money and food, right? In the end, you have spent more than you planned and consumed much more than you needed.

Supporting Microsoft products can be a bit like this.

It’s difficult to internally support the ever-changing landscape of Microsoft. Upgrades, new products, product changes, patches – it’s a moving target that is frustrating for any internal organization to support while managing the rest of the IT environment. So, what do you do? You buy Microsoft’s support package – Premiere, or now Unified Support. However, that comes with all kinds of things you don’t really want, or need, like Proactive Hours and Management time. All you want is reactive support for when your environment has an issue and needs expert support right away. You buy it because you need that part of it – you need that insurance policy for when things go wrong – and you ignore the extra services and extra cost.

What if you could buy this support service a la carte – the type of hours you need when you need it with the same level of expertise and great customer service, all at an affordable price?

Now you can. Welcome to Spyglass’s Premium Support Service. You pay only for what you want, and we deliver the business value that is aligned with your needs and your organization. We launched this service last year based on feedback from our customers who weren’t happy with their current set up with Microsoft.  They were seeing increasing costs and packages that were inflexible and didn’t exactly meet their needs. Our service is:

  • Cost-effective: Based on a consumption model at competitive rates
  • Flexible: Use the type of hours you need (e.g., resolution, education), not a prescribed package
  • Transparent: Monthly reports are provided with an invoicing outline for all billed hours
  • Responsive: White-glove responsiveness and customer care
  • Access to Microsoft: Involve Microsoft Premier Support at any time

As you walk out of the burger joint, feeling beyond full but with your wallet feeling empty, you see a burger joint right next to the one you were in. You look in and see an a la carte menu – you could have just bought one burger without the fries and shake.

Save your money and stay on your diet, don’t overeat and overspend.  Let us show you a new and better way with Spyglass Premium Support.

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