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How Kubisys Helps End Users Adapt and Adopt SharePoint

How Kubisys Helps End Users Adapt and Adopt SharePoint

by: TechnologyAdvice

Kubisys prides themselves on listening to their clients, and they're planning to listen even more intently as a first-time sponsor at this year's SPTechCon. According to the VP of Business Development at Kubisys, Soumen Chowdhury, the team is looking forward to in-person interaction with the growing community of SharePoint users at the conference, since they specialize in helping end users learn more about adopting and adapting SharePoint to their specific needs.

During a recent interview, Chowdhury cited an interesting statistic: around 70 percent of Kubisys customers desire an enterprise deployment of SharePoint, but Chowdhury doesn't believe these companies are quite ready for such a broad deployment. For now, SharePoint deployments are very much departmentally based. Because of that, Chowdhury has seen many customers who want to take their departmental SharePoint solutions company-wide.

Yet certain challenges exist that can prevent such a transition.

For instance, company-wide training takes time. Most companies (or departments) choosing SharePoint solutions often want to "accelerate the process [of deployment] so they can start getting ROI from investing in all of the aspects of going to a comprehensive enterprise-level SharePoint solution.? Even when companies or departments want to move quickly, Chowdhury strongly encourages that every person on the team has been correctly onboarded when making a deployment.

A benefit that can also pose a challenge is SharePoint's inclusion of anywhere between eight and 15 Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). As Chowdhury noted, "SharePoint doesn't work by itself. It's always working hand-in-hand with a variety of other systems.? While that provides necessary flexibility to the platform, that can also lead to complexity-  especially as SharePoint and its integrated systems must rely on multiple servers.

Simply put, even if you have the best project management software available, it must be properly integrated with Sharepoint in order to fully live up to its capabilities. Because of this kind of challenge, Kubisys exists.

Their solutions allows developers to replicate their entire production environments in a fail-safe environment. Additionally, instead of having to wait weeks to see if a proposed solution may succeed, Kubisys offers users the ability to test possible solutions before actually implementing things, so essentially developers can "fix all the things before they're broken.?

To learn more about Kubisys, speak with Chowdhury or a member of his team while at SPTechCon 2015, contact him at chowdhury@kubisys.com, or listen to the entire TechnologyAdvice interview included below.


This interview was provided by TechnologyAdvice, an Inc. 5000 company that connects buyers and sellers of business technology through meaningful relationships. Interview conducted by Clark Buckner.
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