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Incentive announces integration with SharePoint, adding social collaboration and productivity layer in one secure platform

Incentive announces integration with SharePoint, adding social collaboration and productivity layer in one secure platform

by: SPTechCon Newswire
Incentive , a leading provider of a complete, socially powered enterprise collaboration platform for mid-market organizations and enterprise teams, today announced it has added seamless integration with Microsoft SharePoint, a leading enterprise web application. The public beta integration enables SharePoint users to search, visualize and collaborate on files natively within Incentive. All SharePoint files and folders are indexed and searchable within Incentive, eliminating the need to import or copy files.

Employees today are experiencing platform fatigue as files are created, stored and shared in multiple workflow and collaboration apps, which leads to misplaced data, wasted time and lost productivity. Incentive's deep integration with SharePoint provides a seamless experience, empowering all employees within an organization to continue using SharePoint, while embracing the social and collaborative features Incentive offers.

Incentive's integration with SharePoint enables users to:

Search for SharePoint files within Incentive, without mirrors, copies or imports, to enable easier discovery of items and improved collaboration;

Include SharePoint folders as visual apps in Incentive, enabling easy access to all knowledge and content in one central location;

Natively and transparently share, like, comment and collaborate directly with SharePoint content in Incentive for increased productivity; and

Get notifications whenever any edits or changes are made to SharePoint content.

 "With one in five knowledge workers using SharePoint each day, we thought it crucial that we provide a deep integration with this platform,? said Rickard Hansson, CEO and founder of Incentive. "Employees can continue to have access to all the resources and files they're already using while adding Incentive's social interface and collaboration functionalities without having to switch between multiple apps and programs.?

Incentive is an easy-to use, socially powered collaboration platform that eliminates platform fatigue by consolidating and standardizing existing apps and tools in a central location. All content ? whether a wiki, blog, document, IM or video conversation ? is centralized, making it accessible by every employee through a simple, intelligent search. The platform empowers companies and their employees to work, share, communicate and collaborate more effectively and efficiently. It recently launched "Incentive Winter 2015,? a new version of its social enterprise collaboration platform. For a complete list of features, visit: www.incentive-inc.com/social-collaboration-platform

Incentive's SharePoint integration will be available for demos at SPTechCon in Austin, Texas February 8-11. To sign up for the public beta, visit: info.incentive-inc.com/sharepoint-beta-access. Pricing starts at $99 per month for up to 30 users ? after that, $3 per additional user per month.

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