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Increased security management and reduced migration risks for SharePoint

Increased security management and reduced migration risks for SharePoint

by: SPTechCon Newswire

Managing your SharePoint farms and keeping them in tip top shape is an everlasting fight. You constantly need to check the progress to ensure minimum compliance issues and fix migration backfires. This takes a considerable amount of your time, which could be spent actually improving your SharePoint environment's health.

This stops today, with Sharegate.

Yup, Sharegate. These guys have always been bugged by the complexity people put themselves under to achieve rather straightforward goals. Why does everything have to be so arduous? They've got years of experience in making things as simple as they can get, without compromising results nor design! The Montreal-based company has already perfected the no brainer SharePoint migration, but they couldn't stop there.

Introducing Pre-Migration Check and Permission Management, two incredibly empowering features.
The first one allows you to conduct a complete checkup before migrating anything. This means no more horrible surprises while running your SharePoint migration! With Pre-Migration Check you get an overview of the potential errors outright, and learn how to fix them before even starting the real deal. From now on, migration time = relaxation time as there isn't a risk of failure left.

Second but not least, Permission Management. This feature gives SharePoint admins an oh so simple way of maintaining SharePoint security. Controlling who accesses what on your SharePoint environment is one of the most crucial elements for enforcing security. You wouldn't want your own internal wikileak scandal, would you? This is where Permission Management steps in! Fully administer permissions for security matters, but also easily add new members to groups by giving them the right accesses in no time.

Head over to Sharegate's website to learn how you could save some precious time and guarantee a long lasting and healthier SharePoint. And check out how a pre-migration checkup could become a life saver!

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