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Office 365: How to keep up with all the changes?

Office 365: How to keep up with all the changes?

by: Sharon Weaver 09 Oct 2019

One of the biggest values of Office 365 existing in the cloud is that new features and functionality is delivered on a regular basis. Users love it, because you don’t have to wait months or years for improvements and it happens automatically.

However, sometimes it can be confusing, because you aren’t always sure what is going to change… or when.

Here are a few of my best tips for staying on top of updates so that you get the most out of Office 365.

Read blogs on Microsoft Tech Community: Microsoft employees and other experts share regular updates through official blogs, including the Microsoft SharePoint blog and Microsoft Teams blog. Blogs share a good overview of the biggest enhancements and the release timeline all in one place.

Listen to the IntraZone podcast: More of a podcast person? Try the IntraZone. SharePoint team members cover a range of topics, from product updates to conference recaps.

Follow MVPs and other experts on Twitter and LinkedIn: Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals are technology experts recognized by Microsoft for both their knowledge and their willingness to share it with others. Search for MVP or your favorite application, for example – SharePoint, to find trending keywords, product teams, and people who share information that will help you stay in the know!

A few of my favorite people to follow are:

@_achu for M365 and Ignite

@chambernate for O365 and SharePoint

@JoanneCKlein for O365 and SharePoint




Build your user network: Many cities have user groups and local conferences that allow Office 365 and other Microsoft product users to connect and learn from each other. They are a fantastic resource for peer support and to learn new things. Search for the term user group or SPS and add your city on Twitter, LinkedIn, Eventbrite, or Meetup to get started!

Follow @SPSKC1 and @KCO365UG to learn more about KC events and updates!

Not sure where to start? Follow or connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter? I regularly share updates and repost content from other experts. See you there!

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