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Timlin Enterprises' "Stump the Experts and Win an XBox One at SPTechCon 2014?

Timlin Enterprises' "Stump the Experts and Win an XBox One at SPTechCon 2014?

by: SPTechCon Newswire

Timlin Enterprises presented a "Stump The Experts? panel at SPTechCon Boston, awarding an XBox to Patrick Doran of North Carolina for his query that both entertained and stopped the experts.

Ryan Thomas, Timlin Enterprises president, hosted the standing-room-only event which saw SharePoint developers and users pose questions and problems in hopes of walking away with an XBox.

Patrick Doran, a SharePoint front end developer and independent consultant presented an interesting situation-his six year old son wanted Dad to bring home an Xbox.  Mr. Doran indicated that he and his son were building a publishing site using SharePoint 2010 and wondered how best to remove the SPAN tags that are automatically added.  

Although the question was probably not the most difficult of the day, the panel felt that clever nature of the background story to the question made it a winner.   The panel did ask for a picture of the 6 year old to verify the story before awarding the prize.  Patrick promptly produced his IPad and beautiful photo of his son, and everyone went home happy.

"Attendees were challenged to come with questions, problems and issues or 'Anything SharePoint' as we like to say,? stated Mr. Thomas.  "Our panel included not only two of Timlin's SharePoint experts, but the team added some trusted SharePoint MVPs and experts as well to round out the team.?

"From attendance to the event and reaction from the audience, we will be repeating 'Stump The Experts' at the next SPTechCon,? Mr. Thomas said.

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