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Two approaches to managing content in SharePoint

Two approaches to managing content in SharePoint

by: David Rubinstein

In speaking with SharePoint users, content management remains at or near the top of the reasons they use the software. Recently, two content-management solution providers-Harvest Technology Group and EZONES-popped up on my radar, and depending upon how you define content management, each comes at it from a different direction.

Harvest Technology Group is an integrator for Content360, which is a solution for transactional content management built on top of SharePoint. John Riordan, the CEO of Harvest Technology Group, calls it "the less sexy end of the ECM [enterprise content management] spectrum,? but it encompasses the things that are high-volume (documents, forms, etc.), only touched by a few people, and use a process that doesn't change over time.

To manage transactional content in SharePoint, Riordan says you would need scanning and workflow mechanisms and the ability to capture output from ERP and other line-of-business systems. "You'd need to bolt about 15 solutions together to get full ECM? in SharePoint, he said.

He noted that people are using SharePoint for collaborative document management, positing, "If you're using SharePoint for that, why not do it all in SharePoint, instead of buying other solutions, like Documentum and OnBase, and then having to get trained on them? If you already have SharePoint knowledge, you don't have to learn anything else? if using Content360.

EZONES, meanwhile, recognizes that for many SharePoint customers, the software becomes nothing more than a glorified document repository. Once filled, these documents, videos and other materials often become difficult to locate. EZONES can be dragged anywhere inside SharePoint to choose the layout and appearance of content, giving users the ability to control the content in a way that best suits them, according to Amy Costello, EZONES vice president.

By giving users the ability to aggregate and curate content as they wish, companies can see increased user engagement as the intranet becomes their first stop for information, according to EZONES.

EZONES is a subsidiary of OWNZONES Media Network, and the platform the company used internally to built out its network is the basis for what EZONES is now bringing to customers, Costello said.

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